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What's Next For Social Media?

What’s Next For Social Media?

For the most part, it’s been a disappointing year for social media stocks.  Actually, it’s been a below par debut for social media stocks overall.  Very few of the hyped social media companies to go public have performed to expectations. Of the major social media players, only LinkedIn (LNKD) is trading above its IPO price.  […]

Microsoft's (MSFT) Recent Acquisition Is A Big Deal

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Recent Acquisition Is A Big Deal

Lately, market conditions bring to mind the word “carnage”.  But, lost among the stock market’s selloff is interesting news on individual companies.  After all, for most companies, life goes on. Take Microsoft (MSFT) for example… This week the tech blue chip announced it was making a very intriguing acquisition. In case you missed the news, […]

Investing In This Industry Is A Great Idea

It’s a big week for global economic events.  By now, Greece’s elections should be official.  No doubt the markets will be following the situation very closely. And then, on Wednesday, we have one of the more important FOMC meetings in recent history.  Will the Fed provide more stimulus? I’ll certainly be writing about these macro […]

A New Report Shows An Amazing Opportunity In This Industry

A New Report Shows An Amazing Opportunity In This Industry

People love the internet.  Yes, that’s the most obvious statement in history, but still.  I’m not sure you realize just how much people love their web. According to Cisco Systems (CSCO), the world’s largest networking company, in 2011 there were roughly 10.3 billion internet connections being used.  That’s roughly twice as many connections as there […]

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Why Facebook Fell On Its Face…

Last week my contacts were calling me about Greece.  This time around it’s all about Facebook (FB).  It seems my phone won’t stop ringing lately. The first to call was one of my close friends, Steve, who’s been in on the IPO for months now.  After watching FB flop on day one, he asked… “Brian, […]

The Wait Is Over – The Big Day Has Arrived

The Wait Is Over – The Big Day Has Arrived

The day has finally come.  I’ve been writing about the Facebook IPO for months now.  So, I’m sure you’re not all that surprised that I’m discussing it once again on the day the IPO gets priced. After market close, Facebook’s IPO shares should price between $34 and $38.  With the company offering 421 million shares […]

Facebook Is On Track For A Huge IPO

Facebook Is On Track For A Huge IPO

The Facebook IPO is right around the corner.  Sometime in May, the social media giant’s long awaiting debut will occur.  And you can bet that as launch day approaches, the hype machine will reach overdrive levels. Here’s the thing… The hype may just be deserved. You see, Facebook released a fresh batch of first quarter […]

The Next Big Thing In Social Media

The Next Big Thing In Social Media

We’re just about a month away from the Facebook IPO (if everything goes as planned).  So, you can bet social media companies are going to be in the spotlight more than ever. Of course, we’ll see countless articles about Facebook’s super-hyped debut over the next several weeks.  And, I’ll be writing about the social media […]

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Is Pandora (P) A Buy?

At a current price of $8.61 and market cap of under $1.5 billion, Pandora Media (P) is firmly in small cap territory.  But that’s a disappointing situation for a company that reached $20 a share not long after last year’s IPO. Keep in mind, Pandora is an internet/social media company.  And there’s typically a lot […]

Spotify IPO

Big Year Ahead For Social Media And Internet IPOs

Earlier this week, I talked about the successful IPO of Millennial Media (MM).  Remember, the stock doubled on the first day of trading.  And while MM has given back some of the gains, the shares are still trading at well above the IPO price. So what other exciting social media and internet IPOs are coming […]

Social Media IPOs

Millennial Media’s (MM) Big IPO Is Good News For Social Media Stocks

Last week was a big week for IPOs, although many investors may not have realized it.  That’s because the companies going public didn’t have quite the buzz-worthy names of a Facebook, Twitter, or even Yelp (YELP). However, that just makes the week’s multiple IPO successes even more impressive. Some of the new IPOs last week […]