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7 Cheap Dividend Stocks To Buy For $20 Or Less

You can own several dividend-yielding shares for less than the cost of your phone bill I have a well-deserved reputation as a cheapskate. I brown bag my lunches most days, keep my thermostat at 79 degrees, and — if my wife doesn’t intervene — I’ll generally wear my clothes until they’re moth-eaten and threadbare. I’m […]

10 ‘Cheap’ Stocks To Buy That Are Actually Cheap

10 ‘Cheap’ Stocks To Buy That Are Actually Cheap

These 10 stocks don’t just look cheap, they are cheap — and worth a look As we wrote two weeks ago, one of the hardest aspects of value investing is determining which stocks look cheap — and which stocks are actually cheap enough to be worthwhile stocks to buy. Cheap stocks aren’t hard to find, even in […]


Buy This Safe $10 Stock Yielding 20%

Tired of settling for 3%, 4%, or even 5% yields? While those might be good for some stocks, the stock featured today manages to pay an eye-popping 20% yield like clockwork to investors. Tim Plaehn reveals all the secrets of how this stock manages to pay such a high-yield and explains why you haven’t heard […]


16 Under-The-Radar Stocks Quietly Yielding 10% To 36%

You won’t see these “hidden yields” quoted on any financial website. But these firms are showering their shareholders with double-digit yields – and making their owners rich in the process. The key to finding them? Look beyond the stated yields and focus on the more nuanced (and more valuable) “shareholder yields”. Take Corning (GLW) for […]