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3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

As a long term investor, you need to own every piece of the investment puzzle to be fully diversified. And while investors tilt their asset allocations more towards safer, large cap stocks, there is the need for small cap stocks as well. And part of the small cap stock sector is micro cap stocks. Typically, micro cap […]

The Future Of Home Tech

The Future Of Home Tech

While no one can predict the future, it is cool to look at current inventions and try to imagine what Smart Houses may look like in the near future. The homes of the future will be greener, cleaner and more efficient  The kitchen could become the tech hub of the in smart houses Create electricity on […]

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The Future Of Food: How Tech Is Changing Our Food Systems

The urban population is exploding around the globe, and yesterday’s food systems will soon be sub-optimal for many of the megacities swelling with tens of millions of people. Further, issues like wasted food, poor working conditions, polluted ecosystems, mistreated animals, and greenhouse gases are just some of the concerns that people have about our current supply chains. […]

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7 Small-Cap Stocks With Big-League Potential

While the market takes a summer break, small caps are prepping for fall Accelerating growth is usually the sign that small-cap stocks will take the lead in the markets. While we’re seeing some growth in the economy — recent numbers show the economy grew 2.6% in the last quarter — the growth I’m talking about […]

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3 Cheap Lithium Stocks To Buy That Will Energize Your Portfolio

Lithium is unquestionably a game changer, and these three Lithium stocks are a good way to join the party for cheap Poor lithium. The metal is so light it floats, so soft it crumbles and so unstable it’s perpetually searching for a partner, which is exactly why we love it. Lithium has what scientists call a […]


FutureFuel Would Make A Great Acquisition

One of the cheapest stocks in our All Investable – Deep Value Stock Screener is FutureFuel Corp. (NYSE:FF). FutureFuel is a leading manufacturer of diversified chemical products and biofuels. FutureFuel’s chemicals segment manufactures specialty chemicals for specific customers (“custom manufacturing”) as well as multi-customer specialty chemicals (“performance chemicals”). FutureFuel’s custom manufacturing product portfolio includes a laundry detergent […]


6 Undervalued Stocks With Strong Upcoming Catalysts

If all goes well for these six stocks, over the next year they could be worth significantly more than what currently trade for. Each stock has important, business-defining events that, if positive, would make their businesses much more valuable. “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the […]

4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

After biotech stock Relypsa was bought out last week for a 60% premium, the odds of M&A heating up in this sector increased dramatically. Bret Jensen shares four more likely takeover targets that should be on your watchlist. It was a good week for the Biotech Gems portfolio. Progenics Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PGNX) leapt 25% in […]

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Penny Stocks To Watch For Big Profits

If you’re going to haul in big profits from your penny stocks, there’s one thing you always want on hand. A solid watch list. If you don’t have a lineup of penny stock suspects, stocks that deserve a closer look before you buy them, you won’t be as disciplined when you trade. You’ll be prone […]

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How To Find The Best Penny Stocks To Watch: Part II

Want some more penny stock tips so you can make the most of your watch list? Focus on a category, one business sector. For instance, we’ve been providing some valuable information lately for penny stock investors interested in getting in on the ground floor of the legal marijuana business. Here’s your list of cannabis stocks […]

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How To Find The Best Penny Stocks To Watch: Part I

Want a good way to find the best penny stocks to watch? Keep a list.  Keep it updated, and always keep looking for hot penny stocks. Here’s a good way to get started. First, set some guidelines by price.  Maybe you go looking at all stocks that are priced between $1.00 and $5.00 a share. […]