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Undervalued Goldfield Corp, Well Positioned For Continued Growth

Undervalued Goldfield Corp, Well Positioned For Continued Growth

One of the cheapest stocks in our Acquirer’s Multiple, Small & Micro Cap – Stock Screener is Goldfield Corp (NYSEMKT:GV). With a market cap around $136 million, few investors have ever heard of this great little micro-cap. Goldfield Corporation (Goldfield), is a leading provider of electrical construction and maintenance services in the energy infrastructure industry primarily in […]


FutureFuel Would Make A Great Acquisition

One of the cheapest stocks in our All Investable – Deep Value Stock Screener is FutureFuel Corp. (NYSE:FF). FutureFuel is a leading manufacturer of diversified chemical products and biofuels. FutureFuel’s chemicals segment manufactures specialty chemicals for specific customers (“custom manufacturing”) as well as multi-customer specialty chemicals (“performance chemicals”). FutureFuel’s custom manufacturing product portfolio includes a laundry detergent […]


Small Cap Oil Stocks To Rally In 2014?

Small cap oil stocks are down significantly since the US government reached an historic nuclear accord with Iran in late November.  Using the IQ Global Oil Small Cap Equity ETF (IOIL) as a proxy, you can see that shares of small cap oil stocks have dropped by more than 7% since talks with Iran began […]

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Are These Stocks Still A Buy?

Once in a while, I like to look back on recommendations I’ve made in the past to see how they’re doing.  One such recommendation I came across from last May seems to be doing rather well. What did I recommend? Buy energy stocks of course.  Here’s what I wrote- Even after an almost 20% climb […]

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These Oversold Stocks Are A Steal

Stocks have done something of a nosedive in recent weeks.  We’ve seen high profile companies like JP Morgan Chase (JPM) take it on the chin.  And of course, the Facebook (FB) IPO has been a disaster. Between the European debt crisis, the JPM trading debacle, and FB’s huge disappointment, there have been plenty of negative […]


Energy Stocks Are A Screaming “Buy”…

I may sound like a broken record, but energy stocks are the place to be right now… Just last month, I was pounding the table for natural gas stocks, and sure enough, natural gas has done nothing but climb since it traded briefly below $2. Even after an almost 20% climb off decade lows, natural […]

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Your Next Move In Penny Stocks…

If you’ve missed what’s going on in natural gas, you either don’t follow the markets or you don’t use natural gas for energy in your home.  Regardless, natural gas has fallen to a 10-year low… even trading under $2! And the reasons are simple… supply and demand. The winter of 2011 has brought about a […]

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A Real Energy Buy Versus A Hyped Up Hopeful

For months now, the price of oil consistently is trading over $100 a barrel… and prices only look to get more expensive as time marches on and supplies dwindle. With this “dirty” energy supply sustaining a high price, consumers will be looking for cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives.  As a result, many investors are seeking to […]

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It’s Time To Invest In Coal

Energy stocks are seeing lots of action these days.  As a matter of fact, the energy sector has been grabbing many of the top headlines the past few weeks. Of course, the biggest news has been centered on oil.  The price of crude oil is back up due to the threat of war with Iran, […]

Will Rising Oil Prices Kill The Economic Recovery?

Will Rising Oil Prices Kill The Economic Recovery?

The doom and gloom crowd is at it again.  I swear, these people look for any excuse to call for a severe market downturn, economic collapse, alien invasion, and – well you get the picture. This time, the bears are out in force because of the rising price of oil. Now don’t get me wrong, […]

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Playing The Natural Gas Rebound Using Penny Stocks…

Just yesterday my colleague, Gordon Lewis, told you natural gas stocks were a great buy right now… despite what all the “experts” are saying.  The supposed experts have been predicting natural gas at a buck something lately.  Yeah right… However, after yesterday’s big natural gas news, I couldn’t agree with Gordon more. The US Energy […]