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EU Rule Change Will Hurt Small US Medical Device Makers

Small US medical device makers have long counted on the European Union’s easier product approval process.  But that could all change over the next few weeks.  The EU is close to approving new rules that will make it much harder for medical devices to gain the coveted CE Mark. Let me explain… For years, it […]

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Get In Healthcare Now…

We’re waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome this Thursday from the Supreme Court on Obama’s Healthcare Affordable Care Act.  Will they overturn the single mandate?  Will all or part of the bill be deemed unconstitutional? The way I see it, the bill has no chance to survive unchanged… The decision is going to […]


Top Penny Stock Sectors For 2012

Earlier this week, I talked about the technology sector and how it’s my favorite penny stock sector for 2012.  But tech isn’t the only attractive sector.  And it’s beginning to look like many stocks are underpriced as we head into the new year. Here’s the deal… A good quick-and-dirty way to measure if a sector […]

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Beef Up Your Portfolio Using Drug Penny Stocks

The markets are tough to decipher these days.  One day we’re trading higher on solid economic data, and the next we’re selling off due to one crisis or another.  The volatility makes it difficult to stay in the market.  Granted, you could put your money into a risk free savings account, CD, or money market… […]

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Penny Stocks To Watch: Healthways (HWAY)

Investors in Healthways (HWAY) are having a rough week.  The share price of this health and wellness company is getting hammered.  In fact, as of this writing, this penny stock is down over 43%… in one day! So what’s going on? I’ll get back to that in a minute.  First, let’s take a quick look at […]