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Meals On Wheels… And Losses On-Demand

Meals On Wheels… And Losses On-Demand

On June 29, 2017, meal-delivery firm Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: APRN) IPO’d at $10 per share. Today, shares have collapsed to just $2. What gives? The company’s business is simple: It delivers pre-portioned, ready-to-cook ingredients (with recipes) to customers’ homes. And if you like a tipple with your meals, it offers Blue Apron Wine delivery, too. Alas, […]

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8 Companies That Could Disappear By 2019

One way or another, something’s got to give for these organizations — and soon Even with the market pullback earlier this month, stocks have rarely been more fun to own. Between the energy sector’s turnaround, a major infrastructure spending plan and the upside of sweeping tax cuts for businesses, it feels like nobody can lose. […]


3 Stocks To Sell Under Trump’s New Tax Law

It seems like most U.S. financial media cannot quit gushing about the new tax laws. The coverage is universally positive – I’m waiting to hear that the tax cut will cure the common cold. However, the media ignores the fact that some companies will end up paying higher tax bills. All thanks to the provision […]


Don’t Buy INSYS Therapeutics (INSY) In 2018

As more states relax the regulation for the recreational use of marijuana, investors are eager to look for opportunities in this budding sector. But we should look closely at the reality of using marijuana for medical purposes and other products. Companies related to the growing or distribution of cannabis products do have positive prospects for […]