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3 Under-The-Radar Tech Stocks To Buy Before Investors Wisen Up

These tech stocks are rather unnoticed and they have tons of potential Deeply undervalued tech stocks are hard to find. Finding them requires that investors search for lesser-followed companies. Quite often, the under-the-radar stocks have low trading volume, are not well known in the markets and have a small market capitalization. Such unknown stocks may […]


7 Small-Cap Tech Stocks On The Cutting Edge

If you’re looking for the hottest growth track in tech, think small Continued good news about the economy is starting to thaw parts of the market that have been quietly chugging along in recent years — especially in small-cap tech. For most of these stocks, the recovery began from rock-bottom levels last year. But as […]

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7 Tech Stocks That Are Bucking The Downtrend

Myriad factors are contributing to the decline in equities, yet these tech stocks are shaking it off U.S. equities are languishing on Wednesday as geopolitical uncertainty from President Trump’s immigration order to upcoming elections in Europe weigh on sentiment. While large-cap stocks remain stable, the volatility and weakness is spreading in other assets from small-cap […]

Market Selloff A Repeat Of Tech Stock Bubble Bursting?

Market Selloff A Repeat Of Tech Stock Bubble Bursting?

The market’s spring swoon is sparking fears that we’re witnessing a repeat of what happened when the Tech Stock bubble burst in 2000.  Back then the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite shed a whopping 78% of its value over a 31-month period.  Investors lost over 5 trillion dollars in the process.  And the index has yet to […]

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Why It’s A Good Idea To Invest In Small Cap Tech Companies

It can be very good news for small companies if big companies have money to spend.  Cash-rich companies are using their resources to gobble up smaller players with good technologies and ideas. And that can pay off big time for small cap shareholders. It’s particularly true in this environment of high profile IPO flops.  It’s […]

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What The Heck Is Wrong With Apple (AAPL)?

During Apple’s (AAPL) incredible run higher in recent years, I frequently discussed the benefits it had on penny stocks.  When the world’s most valuable stock increases, it helps many other companies. Suppliers, complimentary product makers, and sometimes even competitors were benefiting from AAPL’s historic climb. So, now that the stock has taken it on the […]


Is It A Pump And Dump?

This phone call is becoming all too common for me… “Brian, what the hell just happened to my stock?” This time around it was a popular up and coming tech stock, and boy did it get hit hard.  I’ll get into the stock itself in a minute. After he told me the ticker symbol, my […]

The Key To Picking Winning Penny Stocks

The Key To Picking Winning Penny Stocks

When I look for small cap companies to invest in, there are several important factors I consider.  However, one aspect stands out above all the rest.  If a company has this key ingredient, I’m willing to overlook almost any other drawbacks. I’m talking about innovation. Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of innovative companies.  […]

Amazon (AMZN) Offers Innovation... And Profit Opportunities

Amazon (AMZN) Offers Innovation… And Profit Opportunities

Despite focusing on penny stocks and small caps, I regularly follow blue chip companies as well.  After all, it’s the big players that are typically leaders in a given industry.  An important part of stock analysis is understanding what the best-in-class companies are doing. What’s more, savvy investors can glean information from large companies and […]

Microsoft's (MSFT) Recent Acquisition Is A Big Deal

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Recent Acquisition Is A Big Deal

Lately, market conditions bring to mind the word “carnage”.  But, lost among the stock market’s selloff is interesting news on individual companies.  After all, for most companies, life goes on. Take Microsoft (MSFT) for example… This week the tech blue chip announced it was making a very intriguing acquisition. In case you missed the news, […]

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Tech Penny Stocks Get A Big Boost From Apple (AAPL) Earnings

Short sellers are learning the hard way not to doubt Apple (AAPL).  The world’s largest company once again caught many investors off guard last week with their blowout earnings. Here’s a look at some of Apple’s incredible numbers… Second quarter profits rose to $11.6 billion, a 94% year over year increase.  Over the same period […]