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10 Ways To Make Money In The Market In 2017

10 Ways To Make Money In The Market In 2017

We have a few winning stock picks for you, and we even have tax strategies that can net 33% ‘returns’! The year 2016 has been, for lack of better description, a strange one. It started with one of the worst Januarys in history and an oil price bust … continued with a surge of populist […]

3 “Dark Horse” Dividend Stocks Primed For 30% Gains In 2017

3 “Dark Horse” Dividend Stocks Primed For 30% Gains In 2017

Today I’m going to share three of my favorite dividend stocks from an ignored corner of the market set to soar in President Trump’s first year. Which corner? The “little guys”: small and mid-cap stocks. In many ways, the cat’s already out of the bag. As they’ve done with financial stocks, investors have bid up […]

Ways to Invest Without the Stock Market

How To Invest Without The Stock Market: The Complete Guide

“The US dollar is going to collapse, don’t put money into the stock market!” Have you ever heard similar advice? I’m sure you have. And for good reason. The US dollar is economically weak, but politically and realistically strong — a weird combination, but it’s true. Before we get too far off into the debate […]

The Boredom Before The Storm

The Boredom Before The Storm

With all the surprising and/or disturbing things going on – Brexit, China’s soaring debt, US/Russia/China saber rattling, the, um, unique US presidential race, the cyber attack that shut down big parts of the US Internet – you’d think that an unsettled world would be reflected in skittish financial markets. Instead we’re getting the opposite, with […]

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5 Deeply Undervalued Stocks With Great Dividends

Buy these five stocks today while their yields are high and their shares are cheap. With the rest of the market slightly overbought, purchasing these cheap dividend stocks with above-average yields will put you miles ahead of most investors who chase the hot stock of the minute.  Income investors might not have been as comfortable […]


Interest Rates, The Federal Reserve & Recessions

“Davidson” submits: The past 12mos has seen many a ‘high profile’ investor forecast that a recession is imminent. This is the consensus view. Some claim it is driven by economic weakness from one area or another. There are still claims that employment is weak when it is at record highs. Others claim that retail sales […]

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4 Cheap Stocks With Breakout Potential

Offering compelling value and rich upside, two increasingly rare qualities now that the market flirts with all-time highs, these four stocks should either be on your watchlist or in your portfolio. Overpaying for stocks is one of the surest ways to limit your returns. Alcoa (NYSE: AA) opened up third quarter earnings season this week. […]

IPOs Remain At Historic Lows In The Third Quarter

IPOs Remain At Historic Lows In The Third Quarter

The number of companies going public on United States exchanges amounted to 35 in the third quarter, which represented a 16.7% uptick from the year-ago quarter (30 IPOs). Despite the increase, this number still trails the average third quarter IPO count going back to 2000 (39 IPOs). The Q3 amount also represented an increase from […]

Investors Believe The Fed Will Hike Interest Rates Again

Investors Believe The Fed Will Hike Interest Rates Again

The possibility of a US recession is diminishing, and the Federal Reserve is on track to hike interest rates twice a year for the foreseeable future that’s according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s most recent US Credit Investor Survey. Bank of America’s credit survey gives an interesting insight into the world of the bank’s […]


4 Stocks To Buy With The Spread Of Zika

The Zika virus has been all over the news recently. It obviously is a backdrop for the Summer Olympics given the host country Brazil is the epicenter for this recent outbreak. The President and Congress continue to duel it out on assigning funding to tackle the virus from spreading further than it already has in […]

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7 Stocks To Buy In The Market’s Hottest Sectors

Invest in the momentum of these seven stocks spanning three different sectors that all have strong economic tailwinds lifting their revenues, profits, and stock prices higher. As the market continues to flirt with and reach new all-time highs, many sectors in the market seem primed to far outpace their peers. Sometimes being a good investor […]