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5 Small-Cap ETFs That Knock Out The Competition

Small-cap ETFs are the best way to take on extra returns When it comes to investing, small-cap stocks beat large caps as the best ETFs to buy. Small caps have outperformed their larger twins for decades. That’s because many small-cap stocks still have plenty of growth in front of them. After all, it’ll take a lot of a […]


5 Giant-Slaying Small-Cap Stocks To Buy

The juice is well worth the squeeze in these small-cap stocks All of the major indices either closed at record highs or broke intraday records last week, and much of the bullishness centered around small-cap stocks. The Russell 2000 small-cap index, for instance, gained 6% in September while the S&P 500 wafted up less than 2%. Small caps are where […]

5 Explosive Small Cap Stocks

5 Explosive Small Cap Stocks

As any seasoned investor knows, if you want to experience the highest return for your investing dollars, your best option is to look at small cap stocks. These are the companies that tend to have rapid growth and since most analysts aren’t paying attention to them, the stock jumps when it becomes a household name. […]

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3 Small-Cap Stocks To Buy For Explosive Gains This Year

The long-term potential behind these three small-cap stocks outweighs most of their risk Small-cap stocks can be a tempting endeavor. Because of their small market caps and oftentimes low prices, investors are optimistic about their potential. While it’s wrong to buy a stock simply because its share price is low (buying 200 Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) shares instead […]

The 7 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy From Third Avenue

The 7 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy From Third Avenue

Third Avenue has been busy re-balancing its portfolio of small-cap stocks Marty Whitman’s value philosophy prevails at Third Avenue’s Small-Cap Value Fund Investor Class (MUTF:TVSVX). The three pillars of which are creditworthiness (strong balance sheet), potential to compound book value and growth and opportunity to purchase at a significant discount to net asset value. Although it may […]

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3 Small Cap Stocks For Apple-Like Returns

Imitating the amazing returns that Apple handed investors since it launched the iPhone is no easy task, but Bret Jensen thinks that these three stocks might be able to come close.  Don’t look now, but first quarter earnings seasons is coming up directly ahead. The first quarter for the market was largely a positive one […]

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3 Small-Cap Stocks To Buy For Years Of High Returns

Looking for gains? Small-cap stocks are where it’s at. When it comes to finding the best returns, smaller really is better. Small-cap stocks have managed to outperform their larger brethren over the long haul. Since the creation of the S&P SmallCap 600 index back in 1994, the index of America’s smallest 600 stocks has managed […]


3 Turnaround Stocks For Quick Gains In 2017

After watching the biggest turnaround story in sports on Sunday night, Bret Jensen was inspired to pick out three stocks that have been “left for dead” by the market but have great chances to be resurrected in 2017. Each of these stocks has a tough road ahead but if successful could return investors huge wads […]


3 Stocks Under $10 With Breakout Potential

After executing perfectly on their business plans in 2016, these three stocks look set to reap the profits in 2017. With buyout potential and higher share prices expected in the New Year, adding these three stocks to your portfolio today looks like a smart move.  It is hard to believe 2016 has already come and […]


Buy These 3 Stocks Insiders Love

When insiders step up and put millions of their own dollars on the line to purchase company stock, investors should take notice. Don’t wait to only then see these stocks on CNBC rocketing up double-digits, buy shares today. After over two decades of successfully investing in the volatile and lucrative small biotech space, I have […]

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3 Little-Known Dividend Stocks To Buy For Growth And Income

Unlike many dividend stocks, these three picks have the potential to hand investors share price gains and big dividend checks. Find out what makes these under-the-radar growth stocks smart additions to your portfolio. In general, the best opportunities for dividend income-focused investors can be found in the mid-cap sector of the stock market. In many […]