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The Future Is Natural Gas

Because of the cyclical nature of business and industries, there are always solid investment opportunities to be found.  All it requires is a little time and research.  It’s especially true if the investor has a long-term time horizon to work with. That being said, my personal favorite medium to long-term opportunity is in natural gas.  […]

Now's Not The Time To Ignore Commodities

Now’s Not The Time To Ignore Commodities

As the end of the year approaches, experts are weighing in on what’s in store for the stock market.  How will the holiday season impact retail stocks this season?  Will the fiscal cliff issues get resolved in time?  How will Europe hold up? While all these questions are important for stock investors to mull over, […]

Is The Commodity Bull Market Finished?

Is The Commodity Bull Market Finished?

Last week, I wrote an article asking whether it was time to worry about stocks.  The topic was sparked by the recent selloff in the major indices. However, maybe the question I should have been asking is should be worrying about commodities… As much as the stock market has gotten hit lately, commodities have been […]

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What’s The Better Investment, Food Or Gold?

It’s easy to find reasons to buy gold.  After all, just about every pundit on TV or in print can give you a list of reasons why investing in gold is good. Of course, we all know by now that gold is one of the most important safe-haven investments.  It’s a good hedge against inflation, […]

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What’s The Deal With Natural Gas?

If you’ve been following commodities this year, then you’re probably familiar with the story of natural gas.  After a very long drop starting last year, natural gas prices finally reversed this April.  Since then, the commodity has mostly been hovering just under $3.00 per unit. The steady decline from $4.00 was significant in that it […]

Which Is The Better Investment:  Gold Or Oil?

Which Is The Better Investment: Gold Or Oil?

It’s been an intriguing year for commodities.  Over the summer, corn and other grains dominated the headlines with record high prices due to a historically severe drought.  Natural gas also has gotten a lot of attention after finally reversing its steep drop. But, no commodities are more widely followed than gold and oil. As you […]

Are Commodities In A Bull Market?

Are Commodities In A Bull Market?

The stock market has been on a nice run lately.  So, investors may not realize just how well commodities have been doing in recent weeks.  In fact, commodities may just be in a full out bull market right now. A good benchmark for the commodities market is the iPath DJ-UBS Commodity Index ETN (DJP).  For […]

This Skyrocketing Commodity Can Lead To Profits

This Skyrocketing Commodity Can Lead To Profits

It’s been a rough week for the stock market, but that doesn’t mean every asset class is taking punishment.  In fact, unlike in May, commodities are actually on the rise. While we’re still waiting for a big move in metals, energy and agricultural commodities have seen nice gains in recent weeks.  In particular, grains have […]

Alcoa (AA)

Reading Alcoa’s Earnings Report…

It’s official, earnings season is here… and the first round of second quarter results were just posted.  The main event on Monday was clearly Alcoa (AA). The festivities kicked off with the aluminum industry giant delivering their results after yesterday’s closing bell.  You can be sure most analysts and talking heads weren’t expecting Alcoa to […]

This Commodity Is About To Take Off

This Commodity Is About To Take Off

As hard as stocks have been hit the past several weeks, commodities have fared even worse.  Several key commodities are down substantially for the year, including crude oil, natural gas, and corn. However, one commodity is setting up for what could be an impressive move higher.  I’ll give you a hint – it’s a metal. […]


This Commodity’s Plunge Can Lead To Big Profits

Last week may have been a tough week for stocks, but it’s been a miserable couple months for commodities. In fact, commodities are down over 20% from their 52-week highs.  And, they’ve pretty much gone straight down in May. What’s more, the damage is across the board.  Virtually all the major commodities have taken a […]