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Paper Trading: Seven Benefits To Practicing Buying Stocks

Scared to pull the trigger on that first stock purchase? Looking for a way to start practicing before you put your actual, hard-earned money on the line? Buying stocks by paper trading might be one of the best ways to start learning how the process works. It also gives you a means to practice your […]


3 Dramatic Reversals In The Small-Cap Market

Co-CIO Francis Gannon discusses the dramatic reversals in the small-cap asset class and how they could impact 2017. The small-cap market saw three major reversals last year, in what was a very dramatic year within the small-cap asset class. We had the completion of a bear market in February, the lows of the market in […]

Is Small Cap Strength Sustainable?

Is Small Cap Strength Sustainable?

Small caps have surged since Election Day. As shown in Figure 1, the small cap Russell 2000 Index has outperformed the large cap S&P 500 by 8.1% since November 8, 2016. The relative strength has been driven by several election-related factors, including prospects for corporate tax reform, deregulation, and President-elect Donald Trump’s efforts to encourage […]


Small Caps Up 10 Days In A Row—Too Late To Buy?

Small caps have been on fire, as the Russell 2000 has been up 10 consecutive days for the first time since March 2013. As we noted in our Weekly Market Commentary: “What A Week,” small caps could be one of the groups to benefit from a Trump presidency, due to easier credit standards and their […]

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Don’t Trust Your Gut: Trust A System

In August of 1971, Ray Dalio – now one of the most respected hedge fund billionaires on Wall Street – was a lowly clerk working on the Street. By coincidence, Dalio was starting his career during one of history’s critical turning points. President Nixon had just taken the dollar off of the gold standard. Dalio’s […]

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It Can Take 20 Years For Sound Long-Term Investing Strategies To Pay Off

Just about everyone agrees that it’s smart for stock investors to take a long-term focus. What most do not yet realize is how much Shiller’s “revolutionary” (his word) finding that valuations affect long-term returns changes our understanding of what constitutes “long term.” Many investors have a hard time not being influenced by the day-to-day news. […]

5 Big Dividend Investing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

5 Big Dividend Investing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Dividend stocks are a great way to build long-term wealth. But how do you pick the right ones—and steer clear of companies whose payouts are headed off a cliff? You can start by avoiding the five classic blunders below. If you’ve made any of them, don’t worry. We all have. But keeping them in mind […]

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Is It A Good Idea To Copy Other Investors’ Trades?

Investing is a very interesting topic, and thanks to recent technological advances, we have more choices now than ever before when we decide to start investing. One of the newest ways to make money in the market is the process called copy trading. Essentially, this is the process of copying other investors’ trades in an […]

Penny Stocks To Buy Now That Don’t Come With Baggage

Penny Stocks To Buy Now That Don’t Come With Baggage

Want to make sure you’re making a smart move when you look at the best penny stocks to buy now? Want to avoid the bad baggage? Be skeptical.  In fact, even if you’re an optimist by nature, set your sunny disposition aside when it comes to investing in penny stocks. You should operate on the […]

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One Critical Tip To Trade Penny Stocks In This Market

Trading Penny Stocks?  Not In This Market! This market is a mess. I’ve been warning you about this market… a few weeks ago I told you to lighten up… and many of you did. I even released a special alert on our Facebook page the other day… if you didn’t see that important alert, you […]

China’s Plummeting... Is It Time To Sell Stock?

China’s Plummeting… Is It Time To Sell Stock?

Chinese Stocks Plummet – Should We Sell Stocks Too? It’s ugly out there.  You can’t go three minutes without seeing news on the plummeting market in China.  Everyone’s asking… is now the time to sell stocks? I’ll give you the answer in just a moment… but first… how bad is it in China? China’s U-G-L-Y! […]