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Will The Fed Really Cut QE Before Year’s End?

A couple of top economists shocked the market yesterday.  According to Bloomberg, two former Fed economists said the central bank will cut its monthly bond buying from $80 billion to $50-$60 billion in the fourth quarter. The two see such a cut as the first step in a three-step strategy to wind down the Fed’s […]

The Most Important Investment Rule Now That QE3 Is Out…

The Most Important Investment Rule Now That QE3 Is Out…

There’s no doubt you’re reading this article because you too want to know how to invest in a post-stimulus environment.  After the rally from QE3, you may be wondering if it’s still safe to invest. What’s more, judging from yesterday’s trading action, the markets seem to have a bit of a “stimulus hangover”. So now […]

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QE3: Who Are The Winners And Losers?

Last week I wrote about what could be in store for the stock market if a fresh round of stimulus (QE3) was announced.  And, right on cue, the Fed came through with a new, massive bond buying program. In a nutshell, the Fed is implementing open ended bond buying that includes purchasing $40 billion per […]

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Will QE3 Begin Today? Does It Matter?

Today’s a big day – a day the market has been waiting for since before the summer began. Of course, today the Fed is expected to announce a third round of bond purchases, otherwise known as QE3.  In fact, two-thirds of economists in a Bloomberg survey believe the Fed will announce QE3 today. The same […]

What’s With All The Mixed Signals?

What’s With All The Mixed Signals?

When it comes to stock investing, there’s no such thing as a unanimous belief.  No matter what the topic is, there’s always going to be at least one source of vocal opposition. However, expert opinions on the market are even more jumbled than usual these days.  There’s really no clear signal on market direction.  It […]

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Where’s The Rally In Gold?

For a while now, I’ve been writing about the possibility of a gold rally.  Actually, it’s not just me.  Lots of analysts are bullish about gold these days.  There’s a general belief that gold is positioned for another run higher. So where’s the rally already? It’s been several weeks since the bullish gold talk started.  […]

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Stocks Are On the Move – Can This Rally Hold?

Last week may have been a slow news week, but it didn’t keep stocks from continuing their recent hot streak.  In fact, the S&P 500 ran its winning streak to six straight sessions, and finished off its fifth weekly advance in a row. So far, the highly watched index has managed to remain above the […]


It’s Make It Or Break It Time…

Last week’s stock market rally was exciting.  While refreshing to watch, it does seem that investors may be getting a little ahead of themselves. You see, the recent rally has to be validated.  It was built on words and not actions.  Granted, we heard some pretty strong statements from both ECB and Fed leadership.  But […]

Is Another Recession Coming?

Is Another Recession Coming?

Last week, I wrote about QE3 and its potential impact on the market.  If the Fed announces another round of stimulus at this week’s FOMC meeting, stocks could be off to the races. I also mentioned a European bank/government rescue plan as another major catalyst for a stock market rally. Sure enough, right after I […]

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Will QE3 Save The Market?

The event-driven market rollercoaster continues to roll on.  There’s so much going in the world right now, it’s hard to figure out what to pay attention to. We have major companies releasing earnings, domestic economic news, Spanish bond auctions, Greek bailout politics, and Chinese economic data, just to name a few.  However, there are two […]

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Has Gold Lost Its Luster?

Like many other analysts (and investors), I’ve been waiting for gold to make its move higher.   After all, with all the global event risk out there, you’d think the world’s most popular safe-haven investment would be highly sought after. There’s the European debt crisis to contend with.  Iran is rattling its sabers once again.  China’s […]