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Reviewing Penny Stock Research For The First Quarter Of 2015

Reviewing The First Quarter Of 2015 For Penny Stock Investors? The start of 2015 was very exciting. If you don’t recall, the Russell 2000 was trading around 1210 when we started the year… and January gave us bit of a surprise.  Despite the New Year’s optimism, we ended the month slightly lower. Then February showed […]

Investing In Gold Stocks Can Be Risky, Three Steps To Lessen The Risk

Investing In Gold Stocks Can Be Risky, Three Steps To Lessen The Risk

Is Investing In Gold Safe? There you have it – one of the most popular questions I’ve gotten in the last few months. Is it safe to start investing in Gold? Let me be perfectly clear – NO. Nothing is safe. No investment you make right now… or any time in the future is safe. […]


Gold Stocks – Will They Help Your Portfolio?

22 Reasons “THEY” Say To Buy Gold… And The One Real Reason!  Gold prices are down and down big (38.6% the last time I did the calculation). But, you don’t need me to tell you that… What I do want to say is the continued fall in gold prices presents savvy investors a huge opportunity […]

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Is There Still Money To Be Made In Gold Stocks?

Can You Make Money Buying A Gold Stock? We all know gold has hit a rough patch… Since late 2011, gold prices have been on a steady slide lower… Gold prices peaked over $1900 an ounce, and now trades under $1200 an ounce. It’s a loss of more than $700 an ounce, or 36.8%. For […]

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Should You Be Buying Gold NOW?

Should You Be Buying Gold Today?   Gold and $GOLD prices popped up on my radar screen this week. Why?  Because just over a week ago, $GOLD got CRUSHED.  And it’s still heading lower… and even though it’s St Patrick’s Day, not even the leprechauns want this pot of gold! Just look at this chart. As […]

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Is Gold Headed Lower?

Gold has been in a state of flux for some time now.  After reaching a 52-week high in October of last year, gold started another multi-month decline.  Along the way, the world’s second-largest ETF, SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), has fallen right along with the spot price of gold (as we’d expect). Now, when looking at […]

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Get Your $4 Gold Here…

Let’s start with the obvious… there’s no way you’re getting an ounce of gold for $4. Instead, I offer you a way to invest in gold for just $4… something near and dear to penny stock investors everywhere. We’ll get back to that in just a minute.  First you need to know why gold is […]

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Where’s The Rally In Gold?

For a while now, I’ve been writing about the possibility of a gold rally.  Actually, it’s not just me.  Lots of analysts are bullish about gold these days.  There’s a general belief that gold is positioned for another run higher. So where’s the rally already? It’s been several weeks since the bullish gold talk started.  […]

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The Three Worst Places To Put Your Money Right Now!

Judging from yesterday’s market reaction, investors are afraid… very afraid.  The first thing far too many investors do is hit the panic button and sell out stocks in their portfolio. But right now, running for safety is the last thing investors should be doing.   Don’t believe me?  I’ll explain why you should be holding US […]

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Why Gold Is Heading Lower…

Gold’s had an epic bull run over the past seven years.  The precious metal rallied from just $400 an ounce, to reach a high of over $1,900 in September of 2011… a gain of over 380%! But to quote literary legend Robert Frost, “So dawn goes down to day.  Nothing gold can stay.”  And so […]

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Gold Will Be Fine

Gold is once again in the spotlight this week.  But this time it was the plunging price of the precious metal making the headlines. The yellow metal nosedived 5% yesterday, the biggest one day drop since September.  And while gold’s still up 8% for the year, investors are certainly stinging from the fall. Silver got […]