Small Caps Up 10 Days In A Row—Too Late To Buy?

Small caps have been on fire, as the Russell 2000 has been up 10 consecutive days for the first time since March 2013. As we noted in our Weekly Market Commentary: “What A Week,” small caps could be one of the groups to benefit from a Trump presidency, due to easier credit standards and their […]

Follow The Money: 8 Stocks With Heavy Insider Buying

Follow The Money: 8 Stocks With Heavy Insider Buying

Who knows a stock’s growth prospects better than an executive? Chances are not many people, so that’s why Bret Jensen is profiling eight companies seeing huge insider buying over the last couple of months. Such large purchases signal insider confidence that can lead to huge share price gains.  The unexpected Trump election victory is still […]

Ways to Invest Without the Stock Market

How To Invest Without The Stock Market: The Complete Guide

“The US dollar is going to collapse, don’t put money into the stock market!” Have you ever heard similar advice? I’m sure you have. And for good reason. The US dollar is economically weak, but politically and realistically strong — a weird combination, but it’s true. Before we get too far off into the debate […]

Trump victory

Trump’s Surprising Victory: What Small-Cap Investors Need To Know

What should small-cap investors take away from the election results? The initial vote the global markets cast in reaction to Donald Trump’s surprise victory was negative and extreme, yet is already growing more subdued. Markets have been rallying steadily since the result became clear, the European markets are stable, and, in a positive sign for […]

5 Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of Growing Double-Digits

5 Stocks You’ve Never Heard Of Growing Double-Digits

Put some rapid growth into your portfolio with any of the five little-known stocks Bret Jensen recommends buying today. In today’s market, many popular stocks experiencing double-digit growth have been bid up to sky-high valuations but all five of these stocks are considered “Growth at a Reasonable Price.”  It looks like profit growth within the […]


6 Undervalued Stocks With Strong Upcoming Catalysts

If all goes well for these six stocks, over the next year they could be worth significantly more than what currently trade for. Each stock has important, business-defining events that, if positive, would make their businesses much more valuable. “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the […]


The High-Yield Stock That Can Sink Your Portfolio

Tim Plaehn loves to share his analysis on high-yield dividend stocks that he invests in because of their secure dividend payments, but for every one stock he recommends there are four or five that he passes over. See the kind of high-yield stock that an income expert would never invest money into.  Today I saw […]

The Boredom Before The Storm

The Boredom Before The Storm

With all the surprising and/or disturbing things going on – Brexit, China’s soaring debt, US/Russia/China saber rattling, the, um, unique US presidential race, the cyber attack that shut down big parts of the US Internet – you’d think that an unsettled world would be reflected in skittish financial markets. Instead we’re getting the opposite, with […]

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5 Deeply Undervalued Stocks With Great Dividends

Buy these five stocks today while their yields are high and their shares are cheap. With the rest of the market slightly overbought, purchasing these cheap dividend stocks with above-average yields will put you miles ahead of most investors who chase the hot stock of the minute.  Income investors might not have been as comfortable […]


Interest Rates, The Federal Reserve & Recessions

“Davidson” submits: The past 12mos has seen many a ‘high profile’ investor forecast that a recession is imminent. This is the consensus view. Some claim it is driven by economic weakness from one area or another. There are still claims that employment is weak when it is at record highs. Others claim that retail sales […]


4 Top Biotech Stocks To Be Purchased On The Cheap

Biotech stocks took a tumble last week, but for the long-term investor these valuations are a gift. Snap up shares of these four promising stocks for a discount today and take advantage of these too-low prices. Last week was brutal for biotech investors. The main indices dropped more than six percent just in Tuesday’s and […]