3 Risks That Could Burn You In Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana stocks have been some of the best performers over the last few years. With rapidly easing social attitudes toward marijuana and a steady rate of legalization and decriminalization, marijuana looks set to be a major health and consumer product in the coming years. However, the future of marijuana stocks has a few storm clouds […]


5 Reasons It Makes Sense To Invest In The Vaping Industry

While e-cigarettes started out as foul-tasting, chintzy devices sold at corner gas stations, they have certainly evolved. Now you can not only find the pen-like e-cigarette devices at multiple outlets across the world, but you can likewise shop for high-tech vaping devices, advanced mods, organic e-liquid, naturally extracted tobacco e-juice and any number of accessories […]

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10 High-Risk Stocks To Buy For Massive Rewards

These 10 stocks to buy offer big risks and even bigger potential returns Slow and steady wins the race, as the old adage goes. But slow and steady can be a bit boring. Investors looking for stocks to buy, as a rule, should focus on high-quality, and preferably lower-risk, issues. Still, there’s room in any […]

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Four Key Factors To Choosing An Online Brokerage

We live in a day and age where everything is almost instant. The days of placing trades via telephone are almost over. So much so that your brokerage will often charge you a hefty chunk of cash to make one of these transactions. Online brokerages have made such sharp advancements over the past 5 years […]


Here’s How You Can Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Assuming you want to.. how can you get involved investing in cryptocurrencies? In 2009, we witnessed the emergence of a first fully decentralized cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Fast forward it to 2017 and people are investing in cryptocurrencies of over 900 types and 215 assets. In these eight years, the entire cryptocurrency market cap has gone […]


The 3 Best Small-Cap ETFs To Buy Now

ETFs that focus on small-cap stocks are a great way to get extra returns When it comes to investing, small — as in small-cap stocks — beats large. When it comes to returns, these minuscule engines of growth have been kicking the pants off of their larger twins for decades. Just check out the work […]

How Could Small-Caps Surprise?

How Could Small-Caps Surprise?

Co-CIO Francis Gannon discusses key topics for small-cap investors, including earnings strength, valuations, and the prospects for increased volatility. What is the current state of small-cap stocks? So it’s been a very interesting, I think, first half year in the small-cap market. We’ve seen various highs in the market. We’ve seen pullbacks in the market. The biggest […]

The 7 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy From Third Avenue

The 7 Best Small-Cap Stocks To Buy From Third Avenue

Third Avenue has been busy re-balancing its portfolio of small-cap stocks Marty Whitman’s value philosophy prevails at Third Avenue’s Small-Cap Value Fund Investor Class (MUTF:TVSVX). The three pillars of which are creditworthiness (strong balance sheet), potential to compound book value and growth and opportunity to purchase at a significant discount to net asset value. Although it may […]


Microcaps That Are Generating Big Cap Revenue

Investor appetite for big cap stocks over microcaps has never been greater than I can recall since I began investing over two decades ago. But, I find that some investors too often make the mistake of associating the market cap of a company with the size of its revenue. This stereotype along with others, such […]

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7 Cheap Dividend Stocks To Buy For $20 Or Less

You can own several dividend-yielding shares for less than the cost of your phone bill I have a well-deserved reputation as a cheapskate. I brown bag my lunches most days, keep my thermostat at 79 degrees, and — if my wife doesn’t intervene — I’ll generally wear my clothes until they’re moth-eaten and threadbare. I’m […]


Is Policy Skepticism Creating A Small Cap Opportunity?

Key Takeaways We believe small caps are becoming an increasingly attractive tactical opportunity amid policy skepticism in Washington, D.C. Loss of confidence in policymakers’ ability to achieve tax reform has created an opportunity in small caps, in our view, should a tax deal be reached in Washington, D.C. The potential for the U.S. dollar to […]