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Picking The Best Growth Stocks For Your Portfolio

When people envision the stock market, particularly those who are not well versed on the subject, they tend to think of growth stocks. They think of the story of that one person who made a fortune off a stock and never had to work another day in their life. They think of a high class […]


5 Battered Stocks That Can Come Back From The Grave

Some stocks are better left dead, but these securities could pay off in the end With the market trading at record levels, it’s hard to imagine that there are stocks to buy out there that have been battered beyond recognition. But there are. Now we never want to catch a falling knife, but not every […]


Bitcoin Trade: How Does It Work?

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular digital currencies in the virtual world. It is a global currency that has gained popularity around the world. Bitcoin, just like other currencies, is exchanged every day in the market. There are various ways that investors use Bitcoin trade to make profits. However, investors rushed into the […]

3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

As a long term investor, you need to own every piece of the investment puzzle to be fully diversified. And while investors tilt their asset allocations more towards safer, large cap stocks, there is the need for small cap stocks as well. And part of the small cap stock sector is micro cap stocks. Typically, micro cap […]

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3 Zombie Stocks Back From The Dead

Being from western Pennsylvania, I am quite familiar with the whole idea of zombies. One of the great cult horror film classics, directed by the late George Romero, was the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. The story centered on seven people trapped in a rural western Pennsylvania farmhouse that are attacked by a growing […]


5 Giant-Slaying Small-Cap Stocks To Buy

The juice is well worth the squeeze in these small-cap stocks All of the major indices either closed at record highs or broke intraday records last week, and much of the bullishness centered around small-cap stocks. The Russell 2000 small-cap index, for instance, gained 6% in September while the S&P 500 wafted up less than 2%. Small caps are where […]

Seafloor Mineral Exploration: The New Gold Rush

Seafloor Mineral Exploration: The New Gold Rush

Managing Editor’s Note: We’re just days away from the start of this year’s Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville. Mark Gordon, CEO and President of the marine exploration company Odyssey will be speaking on Friday, October 13, at 11:10 a.m. Today, we give you a sneak preview. Enjoy. By Mark Gordon, Odyssey CEO and President: In the […]

Passenger Drone Launches Two-Seater Electric Manned Aircraft

Passenger Drone Launches Two-Seater Electric Manned Aircraft

Passenger Drone, is proud to announce the launch of the world’s most advanced, state-of-the-art, autonomous manned aerial vehicle. Slightly larger than a small car, the industry leading, Passenger Drone has the potential to change the traditional means of commuter transportation. Utilizing its easy to use touch-screen, passengers simply select their destination, sit back and relax, […]


Apple Hospitality REIT Is Worth Taking A Look At

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) like Apple Hospitality, are a great way to get exposure to the real estate market without becoming a landlord. And the cost of getting in this space by owning a REIT versus buying properties is much cheaper too. But with so many REITs out there, how do you figure out […]

5 Explosive Small Cap Stocks

5 Explosive Small Cap Stocks

As any seasoned investor knows, if you want to experience the highest return for your investing dollars, your best option is to look at small cap stocks. These are the companies that tend to have rapid growth and since most analysts aren’t paying attention to them, the stock jumps when it becomes a household name. […]

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7 Beaten-Down Stocks To Buy Now

They’re all a little beaten up but no worse for wear Ben Carlson is one of my favorite finance bloggers. Recently, Carlson lamented about how the bull market of almost nine years has made it extremely difficult to find bargain stocks to buy. As a result, dumpster diving has become virtually impossible. The trick, according […]