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10 Cheap Stocks For Less Than The Price Of A Netflix Subscription

All these stocks are cheaper than a month of Netflix and could make you money in 2018 It’s easy to overlook small monthly expenses such as a Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) or Spotify Technology SA (NYSE:SPOT) subscription. But even those small dollar amounts can add up. With the rise of discount and even free brokerages, it’s ever-easier to put small […]

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4 Top Marijuana Penny Stocks For The Rest Of 2018

Favorable legislation and demonstrable economic results will buoy marijuana stocks While it’s open to debate whether President Donald Trump made America great, the 2016 election did produce one undeniable result: it laid the foundation for cannabis-related businesses, thereby dramatically improving profitability potential for marijuana penny stocks. During the general election, a record number of states […]

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4 Bitcoin Alternatives That You Need For 2018

Forget bitcoin. If you want superior returns, you have to check out these altcoins to buy in the new year! Whether you appreciate cryptocurrencies or think it’s a scam, you’ve undoubtedly heard of bitcoin. Even Mad Money‘s Jim Cramer rails on about the digital token, though obviously not in a pleasant way. Perhaps he feels that […]

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8 Beginner’s Guide Tips To Safely Buying ‘Penny Cryptocurrencies’

Amid soaring bitcoin prices, the Bittrex exchange gives you an opportunity to trade penny cryptocurrencies Bitcoin prices are the worst nightmare for blockchain critics. After breaking the previously unimaginable $10,000 level, bitcoin plummeted from profit-taking. But soon after, trading normalized, sending bitcoin well above $11,000. However, this robust success represents a quandary: interest for lower-priced […]


These 2 Dividend Stocks Under $10 Are About To Enter Their Peak Season

Did you know that around 85% of the companies on the S&P 500 now pay a dividend? Talk about shooting fish in the proverbial barrel if you’re looking for dividend stocks. Most companies now figure they should offer some sort of incentive in return for investors buying into their businesses. However, while finding dividends is […]

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Advantages Of Trading Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks are a company with a market capitalization within the range of $250 million to $ 2 billion. Over the past few decades, small cap stocks have received a lot of negativity. This is attributed to the media focus on the negative side of small cap stocks. Basically, the media has highlighted frequently […]

3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

3 Micro Cap Stocks That Are Worth Looking Into

As a long term investor, you need to own every piece of the investment puzzle to be fully diversified. And while investors tilt their asset allocations more towards safer, large cap stocks, there is the need for small cap stocks as well. And part of the small cap stock sector is micro cap stocks. Typically, micro cap […]

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Penny Stocks To Watch For Big Profits

If you’re going to haul in big profits from your penny stocks, there’s one thing you always want on hand. A solid watch list. If you don’t have a lineup of penny stock suspects, stocks that deserve a closer look before you buy them, you won’t be as disciplined when you trade. You’ll be prone […]

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Is This Beverage Company The Right Penny Stock To Buy?

Is This Beverage Company The Right Penny Stock To Buy? Picking the right penny stock to buy can be a tough decision.  After all, penny stocks are priced so low for a reason.  The key is to determine if the company is just cheap because it’s new or developmental… and not because of some major […]

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What’s A Microcap Stock?

What Do You Know About Microcap Stocks? These days we’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers about microcap stocks. There’s a problem among traders.  I think the biggest misconception we have is the difference between microcap stocks, penny stocks, and small stocks… Don’t you love vocabulary? Penny stock, small stock, microcap stock… what’s […]

3D Printing Penny Stocks

Eight 3D Printing Penny Stocks EVERY Investor Must Know!

Do You Own These 3D Printing Penny Stocks? Did you know 3D printing is one of the most impressive and fastest growing technologies of our time? 3D printing creates a physical, functioning, three dimensional object from a digital file!   3D printers can create an impressive variety of items… from food to firearms.  In fact, one […]