Top Penny Stocks Trading Strategies In 2022

| April 14, 2022

2022 has already been an exciting year for trading penny stocks. While we have seen historically high levels of volatility, there have also been plenty of opportunities to make money trading penny stocks. But, to have the highest chance of profitability, investors need to stay on their toes, and stick to a trading strategy. While there are dozens of methods to trade penny stocks, we’ll focus on the top three most popular.

First, we have scalping. This is a short-term trading strategy where you take advantage of small price movements in a stock. For example, let’s say you buy shares of a company at $0.50, and it immediately starts to rise to $0.51. You would then sell your shares and book a profit of $0.01 per share. This may not be for everyone as it is extremely high risk, however, with the right trading education, it can be profitable.

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