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Is PetroQuest (PQ) A Hot Penny Stocks Worth Buying? You Decide!

Hot Penny Stocks: PetroQuest Energy Inc. (PQ) Today I uncovered a hot penny stock – PetroQuest Energy (PQ).  But my question is simple… Is PetroQuest a hot penny stock, or is something else driving it higher? Let’s look at the markets. Yesterday was quite the day.  All three major markets (the Dow Jones Industrial Average, […]

Alternative Energy

A Real Energy Buy Versus A Hyped Up Hopeful

For months now, the price of oil consistently is trading over $100 a barrel… and prices only look to get more expensive as time marches on and supplies dwindle. With this “dirty” energy supply sustaining a high price, consumers will be looking for cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives.  As a result, many investors are seeking to […]

Alternative Energy

Playing The Natural Gas Rebound Using Penny Stocks…

Just yesterday my colleague, Gordon Lewis, told you natural gas stocks were a great buy right now… despite what all the “experts” are saying.  The supposed experts have been predicting natural gas at a buck something lately.  Yeah right… However, after yesterday’s big natural gas news, I couldn’t agree with Gordon more. The US Energy […]

Natural Gas

Forget What You’re Hearing, It’s Time To Buy Natural Gas

I’m going to show you a chart, but you may want to look away.  It’s a bit scary. Yep – that’s natural gas.  And one look at the chart shows pretty clearly what direction this commodity has been headed. It’s pretty much straight down. In fact, natural gas just breached the decade-low price.  And sellers […]