Olympic Insight Into This Market?

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The US Olympic Trials have been nothing short of pure excitement this year.  It’s awe inspiring to see both champions and underdogs battle for a chance to represent the USA in London this summer.

We witnessed the great Michael Phelps pulling off what has become his marquee win.  He has an amazing gift for closing in the final seconds and winning by just a few hundredths of a second!

Even more exciting was the huge upset in the 100-meter breaststroke by Breeja Larson.  If you didn’t know, both the world-record holder and last year’s champion were in the same race… and this college swimmer hit the wall before either front-runner could.

Still, the best moment of this year’s Olympic trials came out of the gymnasium.

During the women’s gymnastics finals, we were treated to a display of tenacity and grace.  The highlight was when 2008 individual all-around gold medalist, Nastia Liukin took to the uneven bars.

In the middle of her routine, Nastia attempted to execute a huge release and missed the upper bar mid-air and ended up face planting.  Ouch!

Now here’s the highlight…

After bouncing her face directly off of the mat beneath her, Nastia picked herself up, gathered her focus, and got back up on the uneven bars to finish her routine.

While she’d go on to struggle with the balance beam in her next event, the tenacity and grace under pressure this former Olympic champion displayed immediately brought to mind a great lesson.

In essence, Nastia’s tenacity and resolve to finish out her events is a lot like what we’re seeing with the US economy…

Professional traders and retail investors alike witnessed the US stock markets take an enormous face plant in 2009.  But somehow, even when it looked as if the entire financial system might collapse, the massive selloff stabilized and immediately turned around.

Once again, seeing Nastia pick herself right back up off the mat inspired me to bring our readers two important messages…

First, even if the market interprets current economic events negatively, we’re nowhere near where we were in 2009.  Simply look at the number of positive economic data points out there now.  You’ll see the list is much longer than three years ago.

Sure, there are signs employment may be slowing down a bit and manufacturing may have hit a speed bump.  But there’s still progress in other areas of the US economy, including say… the housing market.

Second, the market proved it could pick itself back up and rally in 2009… so any short-term fear based selling shouldn’t concern long term investors.

Seriously now, if we didn’t collapse in 2009 we’re not collapsing any time soon.  In fact, I think investors sitting on the sidelines are starting to get more “all clear” signals calling them back into the market.

What signals?

European leaders are finally starting to make serious progress on their debt issues, China is actively managing their growth concerns through interest rate cuts, and the Fed is extending “Operation Twist” until the end of the year.

It’s pretty clear now’s a great time to put more money to work in the market.  And there’s no better bang for your buck than to invest in quality penny stocks.

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