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| June 25, 2015

mailbagYou Responded In Mass! – An Important Message Follow-up

Thank you.

Thank you.

It’s not often we get the response like the one we’ve seen over the last week.

Last Tuesday we published “A Very Important Message For You” which exposed the over-aggressive spam filters and how unregulated organizations are limiting what information you see.

It’s a direct impact to our business and the information you receive.

If you didn’t see that article, or didn’t read it… take a moment and give it a read.  It’s chock full of important information you must know.

Clearly I touched a nerve.

The response we got was overwhelming…

Some good, and some bad.

For example:

Curtis S. wrote in saying:  “You never mentioned that filters help prevent dangerous viruses. You can always look at what is filtered and say not spam.”

Curtis is right…. the spam filters do prevent bad emails from getting through.  But it also punishes good people too.  I agree with fighting spam, and there’s got to be a way to prevent it without harming legitimate businesses.

Gary B. sent in a two page long writeup of some interesting goings on in New Zealand.  He talked about how “… Governments of Australia, Britain and the USA built a “spy” facility at Whaihopai.” 

A fascinating read… Clearly Big Brother is not exclusive to the United States.

We heard from Jerry B. who added: “Good article. And a bit scary.  Thx.”

Chek O. agrees:

“I get your mails. Though it’s scary and disturbing what you just said about email providers invading privacy. Keep sending the emails.”

Thanks Chek, we’ll continue doing what we do.

Some people agreed with me… but didn’t like the process…

Bob B. gave this feedback…

“Nice email, but waaaaay too long to get to the point. Thank you for what you do nevertheless.”

Thanks for the feedback Bob.  We work hard to provide all the info needed… sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s short… either way, thanks for the feedback!

Finally, I think R.R. summed it up best:

“yeah…nothing new…the form of Big Brother has been around since the fed census along with those data collectors that “watch” what one buys at the store…in fact you are collect “data” with this reply…oh well…happy trails…”

I couldn’t say it better.

Thanks to all of the others who wrote in… I can’t reply to everyone, but I read them all!

Next time… We’re going to look at the end of the half, and what to look forward to in the second part of 2015.

Good investing…

Brian Kent

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