Second Half 2015 Penny Stock Predictions

| June 30, 2015

predictionsHow’s The Second Half Of 2015 Shaping Up?

Today is the last day of June.  But you know that.

As the calendar turns, we move into the second half of the year… and this gives us a moment to reflect on what has been… and what will be.

When I look back on the first half of 2015, I have mixed feelings.

First, I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by.  I’m shocked that we’re half done with the year.  We’ve had good trades and bad trades.  But instead of looking at each trade specifically, let’s take a step back.

Just look at the overall market.

The Russell 2000 is my chart of choice for tracking the penny stock world… and the chart looks strong.

Penny Stocks 2015

This is a bar chart of the index since the first of the year.

At the start of the year, we started slowly working our way higher.  By mid-March, we’d seen a small pullback… and again in early May.  Now we’re well into June, and the index is still moving up and to the right.

Many point to the last bar of the chart and say it’s a bad omen.  But I think, despite the recent drop in prices below the 50-day moving average, the trends are still pointing higher.

Now many market pundits will pout about the market.

They’ll say the market is prime for a pullback… that we’re due for a recession… that the economic numbers are weak… or the global threats to the economy will bring us all down (like the Greece bailout and threat to the Euro).

I say hogwash.

There’s a famous saying in the market, “The market climbs a wall of worry.”

In other words, the market will continue moving higher despite the worrisome news and events we read about every day.

It doesn’t mean we won’t ever see a pullback – you’ve got to keep vigilant.  But for now, the market continues making new highs… and we need to stay invested.

So that brings up the next question… “Where should we focus for the second half?”

But before we get there…

A Big Winner In The Penny Stock Market

Buying big winners in the penny stock market’s not impossible.  Just take a look at Nobilis Health Corp. $HLTH.  It’s one of the best performers for the first half of the year.

The company got a big bump by being added to the Russell Indexes.  And, they recently added $70 million to the balance sheet in a financing deal.

They manage acute care hospitals and facilities…

Penny Stocks 2015

A year ago, the stock was trading for under a buck.  Now, it trades for $6.50 as I write this.  That’s a 650% gain in just a year!

Now, I called the company… but nobody called back.  Not a great sign, but i’ll chalk it up to summer vacations.  I wanted to find out why they were such a strong performer.

Clearly this company is doing something right.

As you can see, money can be made with penny stocks!

So, where do we put our money today?

The Perfect Penny Stocks for the Second Half of 2015

It’s a great question trying to figure out where to invest.

And I’m sticking to my guns…

I like healthcare and Biotech…  I’ve written about the big gains in biotech a number of times, and anyone in the biotech space is making money hand over fist.

Just look at the chart.

Penny Stocks 2015

As you can see, the Biotech index has DRAMATICALLY outperformed the Russell 2000 index.

Year to date, the index has shown a 3.4% gain… Biotechs… a 29% gain.

Now, picking biotech stocks is incredibly difficult.  But if you can find the right one, the gains could be huge!

I’m not the only one who thinks biotech stocks are a great investment.

We run a poll on the website, and when asked about the future of biotech stocks, more than 44% of investors responding say they expected biotech stocks to run higher!

Don’t like biotech… take a look at tech stocks in general… they’re doing well too.

In the coming months, we’re going to expose our favorite penny stocks in the market (Biotech, tech, and other industries too)… so keep reading!

Did you have a big winner in the first half of the year?  If so, let me know by leaving a comment on the blog.

Good investing…

Brian Kent

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