3 Easy Ways To Build Wealth… Where You Need To Start Right Now!

| June 23, 2015

start hereThe Keys To Building Massive Personal Wealth…

Are you looking to build your personal wealth?

I assume you are… otherwise why be a subscriber to Penny Stock Research and read about these various investment strategies.

Look, everyone wants to see their personal wealth grow and grow… but how do you do it?  What’s the best way?

Well, I did what millions of people do every day… I googled it.

Unfortunately, the information I found was downright gross.  People were suggesting you go out and work micro jobs.  Others talked about living below your means… not a bad idea but not exactly the way to wealth.

Still others commented about paying off your mortgage early and investing your free cash in bonds.

Again, great ideas, but not what I’m thinking.

To be honest, I think I can answer this better…

Three Key Steps To Building Massive Wealth

If you ask me, I see three things everyone must do to build massive wealth.  First you need to get educated, you must invest, and you need to use leverage.

Let me explain these in better detail.

Easy Ways To Build Wealth #1 – Get Educated

Look, if you want to build massive wealth in your life, you’ve got to get educated.  And no, I don’t mean rushing out to the local community college and signing up for classes.  I mean educate yourself on how to make money.

This is one area that the public education system falls flat on its face.

Growing up, my teachers never taught me about managing money, writing checks, mortgages, investing, or the stock market.

Nope, not one bit.

My father taught me about budgeting and managing money. My grandfather taught me about investing and the markets.  And my decade on Wall Street taught me about arbitrage and trading.

I was lucky to get that education… but most people never get the learning they need.

To build massive wealth in life, you need to be a student of money.  You must know how the world works.  And you must learn how to make money.  Learn from people who are already doing it… not those in an ivory tower!

That brings us to tip number 2…

Easy Ways To Build Wealth #2 – Invest

To build massive wealth, you’ve got to get your money working for you.  You need to think of your money like little workmen.  Every day you send them to the construction site.  And they need to build your assets and make you more money!

What should you invest in?

That’s up to you.  The best guidance I can give is focus on your area of education.  What did you learn, who is teaching you how to make money?  That’s your area of focus… and that’s where you should invest.

Maybe it’s real estate, dividend stocks, or penny stocks.  Wherever your skill lies, you need to focus on those investments.

Now here’s a bit of real world advice.

Hard as it is to believe, once you figure out a way to make money… you’ll get bored.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

Once you have a method for creating wealth, stick to it and do it over and over again.  No matter how boring it gets.  Years later you’ll thank me for this one bit of advice.

And now we have tip number three…

Easy Ways To Build Wealth #3 – Use Leverage

Leverage is one of the most powerful money multipliers in the universe… and if you want massive wealth, you’ve got to learn to use leverage.

HOWEVER, don’t just rush out and start borrowing money.

Yes, you can get leverage from borrowing money – and using it in the right ways… But that’s not the only way to create leverage.

You can also leverage equipment, people, and technology.

Here’s what I mean… If you have an asset… any asset… think of the different ways you can leverage it.

I know one small business person who had a group of employees… they were his assets.

Instead of treating them like employees, he turned them into partners.  He made each one responsible for their own products and sales.  Instead of one business with 8 employees, he now had 8 businesses being run by 8 strong managers and they split the profits.

Our businessman turned people into leverage… and is now starting to reap the rewards.

Think creatively and you’ll be sure to find many different ways to create leverage in your business and your life.

So there you have it… three ways to build massive wealth.

Don’t listen to the pundits.  You’re not going to skimp and save your way to wealth.  You’ve got to work for it…

Have you created massive wealth in your life?  If so, how are you doing it?  Leave me a comment on the website!

Good investing….

Brian Kent

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