Here It Is…Ten Best Penny Stocks For 2015

| October 3, 2014

best-of-2015The Best Penny Stocks for 2015

We alerted you…

A few weeks back we shared with you why penny stocks are a great investment.

In the article we introduced you to Patrick Industries (NASDAQ: PATK), a company whose stock was trading as low as $0.25.  In the last few years, the stock has taken off, reaching an eye-popping $48.10.  In case you’re wondering – and I know you are – that’s an unbelievable 19,140% gain! 

That’s enough to turn a $500 investment into a whopping $94,200.

It’s companies like these that we try to identify at

That’s why we write and research and report every day looking for the best penny stocks.

We even went as far as asking for ideas from you!

I want to take a moment and personally thank some people for writing in and giving us their ideas on the best penny stocks for 2015… unfortunately we received so many ideas, I can’t possibly name everyone here.  So just to call out a few people who gave us special ideas…

  • Brian M.
  • Scott J.
  • Phil W.
  • Jay S.
  • Cory H.

Thanks for taking the time to write us…

How’d We Do Last Year?

All in all, last year’s report (Top 10 Penny Stocks for 2014) did really well.  We gave an update in this year’s 10 Best Penny Stocks for 2015 report – you should give it a read.

We had a number of big winners, and one stock crashed and burned…

Best of all, we saved investors millions by warning them of stocks to stay away from!

And this year, we’re going to try and do the same thing…

Where to Get Your Copy of The Ten Best Penny Stocks for 2015

I know you’re itching to get this free report.

And because you’re a loyal subscriber to Penny Stock Research, you’re going to get you copy for free (hint: the link is at the bottom of the email…).

What will you find inside?

Well, first we start with our review of last year’s picks… we name names… and point fingers… and share the best and the worst of the lot.

Then we jump into 2015… here we look at what could impact the markets and discuss how to stay on top of these pending developments.

But that’s not all… we even highlight one big winner we’ve been following for a while now… and that leads us to the honey hole!

The ten best penny stocks for 2015 include:

  • One penny stock pulling fistfuls of gold from the ground.
  • Another penny stock digging silver from mines started by the conquistadors!
  • We highlight a penny stock that makes big bucks from mobile phones.
  • And a penny stock with a focus on the Oil & Gas markets (but they don’t own a single well).

That’s just the first 4 Penny stocks!

  • Penny Stocks #5 and #6 are making money from rising Energy Demand… in ways you’ve never imagined.
  • The next two penny stocks come from overseas… and have opportunities you can only find in these fast growing countries.
  • Penny Stock #9 plays the housing rebound… boring I know… but it could be profitable!
  • And penny stock number 10… profits from terrorism (it’s a dirty business but we need people like this).

But that’s not all.

In our 10 Best Penny Stocks of 2015 issue, we also expose 9 Penny Stocks being hyped by Pump & Dump Scammers.  Just knowing who these companies are could save you thousands!

If you’re not a current subscriber to the Penny Stock Research newsletter, don’t wait.  Sign up right now, and we’ll send you your own copy of the Ten Best Penny Stocks for 2015… plus all of the other free research we’ve done in the last few months.

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