Penny Stock Success Stories

| October 1, 2014

bullishA Look at Some of the Most Successful Penny Stock Stories

You’ve probably heard all about the big money you can make trading and investing in penny stocks. While it’s easy to overlook generalizations about any investment opportunity, it is considerably more difficult to look past specific success stories from people just like you.

Penny Stock Success Stories

Wall Street likes to make investors think penny stock successes are few and far between. They scare away investors because big brokerage firms want investors putting their money in other spots…

Instead, they want everyone to abide by the conventional way of thinking that steady returns happen over long periods of time.

However, if you ask seasoned penny stock traders about their past successes, you quickly realize there are alternatives to investing in long-term, blue-chip stocks. Just ask every day investors to tell you about their past experiences.

Teenager Rachel Fox

You may recognize her for her roles in television shows like Desperate Housewives or films such as Dream House, but teenager Rachel Fox also enjoys investing her hard earned money.

For the past few years, Fox has supplemented her busy work schedule with some stock trading. While she now trades almost exclusively on the traditional exchanges, she started experimenting with day trading penny stocks – self-reporting a 30.4% gain in 2012.

Tim Grittani

In 2010, during the heat of the financial crisis, a man by the name of Tim Grittani invested his life savings of $1,500 into the stock market. While some people called him crazy, he targeted penny stocks.

In a matter of months, he took his meager investment of less than $2,000 and turned it into six and eventually seven figures. While his story is an extreme example, it provides a real life glimpse of the profit potential penny stocks hold.

Just remember, it doesn’t always work out like that.  But there are lots of opportunities to find winning penny stocks… let’s consider some of the companies that provided big returns…

The Penny Stocks That Didn’t Remain That Way 

Behind every successful penny stock trader are high growth stocks that did the work. In the most extreme cases, penny stocks can actually turn into valuable stocks that are eventually traded on traditional exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ.

As an example, let’s take a look at a few penny stocks that are now trading well above the $5 mark.

  • True Religion (TRLG)- Over the course of ten years, True Religion has turned into a company worth well over $600 million. In 2004, the stock traded for around $0.67 per share. It traded close to $40 a share and was bought out in early 2013. While very few traders have stuck around to benefit from the entire growth, many traders owe their biggest success to the True Religion penny stock.

True Religion

  • Medifast (MED) – For penny stock traders targeting companies they believe will mature over time, Medifast is the perfect example. Known for developing weight management and disease management products in the health and fitness sector, Medifast is known for something else in the world of penny stock trading. It is one of the prototypical success stories, going from $0.14 to more than $20 a share!  Traders who got in early were able to reap three-digit percentage returns in small periods of time.


  • Monster Beverage (MNST) – The typical person thanks Monster Beverage for the kick of energy it provides during the middle of the work day, but successful penny investors rejoice for another reason. Monster shares once sold for $0.69 as a penny stock in the mid-1990s. Now it’s a stable Wall Street stock selling for as much as $90 per share.

Monster Beverage

The Value of Penny Stocks

While Wall Street likes to discount the value of penny stocks, it’s hard to deny real life success stories. Whether it’s an individual investor or a stock that’s gone from $0.10 to $100, penny stocks are the real deal.

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