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Penny Stocks to Buy In December: 2 Stocking Stuffers

Penny Stocks to Buy In December: 2 Stocking Stuffers

Santa Claus is showing up early.  And he’s introducing you to a couple of penny stocks to buy. As you know, our focus here is giving you information, showing you how to find good penny stocks to watch and buy. That’s why week after week, we like to show you how you can easily identify […]

Penny Stocks To Buy Now That Don’t Come With Baggage

Penny Stocks To Buy Now That Don’t Come With Baggage

Want to make sure you’re making a smart move when you look at the best penny stocks to buy now? Want to avoid the bad baggage? Be skeptical.  In fact, even if you’re an optimist by nature, set your sunny disposition aside when it comes to investing in penny stocks. You should operate on the […]

Penny Stocks To Buy In March? We’ll Let You Decide

Penny Stocks To Buy In March? We’ll Let You Decide

Penny Stocks To Buy In March… Check This List… There are thousands of things to look at when finding penny stocks to buy… And if you’re smart, you start looking at penny stocks weeks, and even months, before you are going to pull the trigger to buy! For example, I’m already putting together a few […]

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Can You Make Money Without A Penny Stock Trading System?

What’s A Penny Stock Trading System? I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Every great penny stock trader I know has a penny stock trading system! My question to you… Do you have one? So some of you are nodding your head YES… And you know exactly what I’m talking about.  But […]


Unusual Volume In Penny Stocks Can Lead To Profits

Regular readers of my column know that I often highlight big penny stock movers.  Sometimes these big movers provide opportunity for profits.  Other times, they’re just interesting stories and case studies. Here’s the thing… I often get asked why I talk about the big movers now that they’ve already moved.  In many cases, the chance […]


Apple’s Earnings Blowout Is Great News For Penny Stocks

By now, most of you have probably heard about Apple’s (AAPL) unbelievable earnings news.  When the largest public company in the world absolutely blows away expectations… well, people tend to notice. Let’s recap some of Apple’s amazing numbers… The tech giant’s sales came in at over $46 billion for the past quarter.  Analysts expected $39 […]

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Forget What You’re Hearing, It’s Time To Buy Natural Gas

I’m going to show you a chart, but you may want to look away.  It’s a bit scary. Yep – that’s natural gas.  And one look at the chart shows pretty clearly what direction this commodity has been headed. It’s pretty much straight down. In fact, natural gas just breached the decade-low price.  And sellers […]

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Why The RIMM Buyout Rumor Is Great News For Tech Penny Stocks

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for technology stocks.  We’ve already had some big moves and intriguing news from the sector. Take for example this week’s rumor – electronics giant Samsung is allegedly interested in purchasing Research In Motion (RIMM), maker of the Blackberry. Supposedly, Samsung is trying to differentiate from the […]

Commodities Will Send Penny Stocks Higher In 2012

Commodities Will Send Penny Stocks Higher In 2012

One of the key trends to watch in 2012 will be the reemergence of commodities.  A bull market in certain key commodities will have a significant impact on several penny stock companies. Here’s the deal… A fair number of penny stocks fall into two categories – energy companies and mining companies.  Of course, both of […]

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How The Fed Will Make Penny Stocks A Buy In 2012

Last week I talked about some important trends that will significantly impact penny stocks in 2012.  One of those I mentioned was the effect of macroeconomic data on the markets. By now, every investor has seen how economic headlines can move the markets. Just look at what the European debt crisis did to stocks last […]


Penny Stock Trends You Can Profit From In 2012

Here we go.  It’s the start of a new year and a fresh beginning for the markets… and your portfolio. So what should we be looking for in 2012?  What are the major trends going to be?  And most importantly, how will they impact penny stocks? Of course, there are countless moving parts in the […]