Scary Stocks For Halloween NGMC – Pump & Dump Alert – October 31, 2014

| October 31, 2014

Pump and DumpHalloween Scare – Penny Stock Scam Today…

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It’s Halloween today… and I don’t know about you but today is scary enough!

Unfortunately I just came across a scary email from a pump and dump company.

The pumper hyped how those investors who got in EARLY could have “EASILY DOUBLED their trading accounts”.

Wow, what a fright.

Who would be stupid enough to risk their ENTIRE account on one stock… much less a crappy little stock that has the word scam written all over it.

So, let’s take a closer look.

The Email About OSL Holdings Inc. (OSLH

So, the email was from a few days ago and it had this great screen shot of a stock rocketing higher… the stock climbed from just $0.20 to over $0.40…

Our friendly scammer tells us to “keep OSLH on your Radar for the rest of the day…”

Then he spends the rest of the email telling you how to protect yourself from scammers just like him!

What’s funny is, if you read his disclosure, you’ll find they were compensated $15,000 to promote the stock.  They even say in their disclosure the fee “constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled company”.


You think that getting paid to write about a company might cloud your judgment?

Well, let’s look at this company a little more closely…

My Analysis of a Penny Stock Scam – OSL Holdings Inc. (OSLH)

So, the easy red flag was the $15,000 payment made to the promoter.

The most recent quarterly report I could find was from the quarter ended May 31, 2014… so it’s a little dated but at least they have filings.

So here we get to start with the balance sheet…

$9,910 in Cash… that’s scary.

And they only have $59,420 in current assets – it’s not a lot.

Now it gets frightening…

Current liabilities – $2.1 MILLION… what the heck… 60 grand in current assets and $2.1 million in current liabilities…

Somebody’s not getting their money back.

Ok, let’s look at the income statement…

Yep – for the nine months ended May 31, 2014… they had $4,770,714 in operating expenses…

Wait a second… where’s the revenue?

The entire revenue line item was missing… this had to be a typo… even companies with no revenue put a revenue line and list ZERO.

Could management really be trying to pull a fast one?

Well, I checked and double checked… No revenue but $4.7 million in expenses and look at that $5.7 million in total losses.

Halloween is a time for a good fright… and if you really want to scare yourself, you can look at OSL Holdings Inc. (OSLH)!

Profitably Yours,

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