IRMGF – Pump And Dump Alert – September 19, 2014

| September 19, 2014

PPump and Dumplease read this important alert – Penny Stock Scam in motion…

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Just last week, this email hit my in-box…

“Our opening bell pick is inside”

I knew a millisecond after reading the subject line exactly what I was looking at… your good old fashioned pump and dump.

But this wasn’t the normal kind of email…

This was special. 

How I Know The Email Is A Scam

You see, the email was from a “” address meaning it was from overseas… and the buy message was hidden in a graphic… no doubt to try and overcome the aggressive spam filters.

They told me to buy IRMGF (Inspiration Mining Corporation) right now.

The email was so hastily written… the scammer misspelled the word stock – spelling it “stokc”.

So how do I know this scammer is from the deepest rungs of hell?

It’s the missing disclosures.

You see, if you send out an email like this – US securities laws require the sender to disclose how much they’ve been paid… and if they own any stock.

Go ahead and read that fine print in most of the pump and dump emails out there.  You’ll find it clear as mud… buried in 8 point font in a 3,000 word disclosure paragraph.

The pump and dumpers might make it hard to find… but at least they’re following the law.

This guy… total disregard for the law.

No disclosure whatsoever.

No footnote, no disclaimer, no link to a disclaimer on another site…

So I decided to take a closer look at the company…

How To Analyze A Penny Stock Pump And Dump

I was chomping at the bit to read about this crazy little company…

Clearly in the mining space…

I was ready to tear through documents and uncover just what a load of BS the company is.  But I never made it that far.

You see, around the time I received my email, the management team posted a press release.

“Inspiration Responds to Recent Email Campaign” 

You can see it right here:

Right on the website, the management team is acknowledging the strange emails and telling shareholders they have nothing to do with it.

It’s not often a management team from a small company can impress me, but I’ve got to say, this is a strong act of integrity.

To come out and notify shareholders that something strange is afoot… Bravo I say.

So Is Inspiration a real company?

I don’t know.  I didn’t dig much deeper.

The company owns a number of mineral properties… and they’re in the process of developing them I’m sure.  If you’re interested in those types of investments, give them a look.

The only problem I see is the recent stock price manipulation.

It will be a few months for this to shake itself out… so I wouldn’t touch this stock any time soon.  But at least you know management has passed the sniff test.

As for the Scamming Pumper who sent the emails?

They’ve probably already made some money and moved on.  Maybe the SEC will catch up with them and send them to jail… more than likely, Karma will bite them in the ass one day.

Profitably Yours,

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