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Pump And Dump AlertsThis week we’re exposing these three popular Pump & Dumps: Genco (GNCC), Great Wall Builders (GWBU), and Bluewave Group (BLEW).

That said, welcome to Pump and Dump Friday, where every week we identify a few of the potentially “bogus” promotions going on in penny stocks today.

If you don’t know how these schemes work, be sure to check out this free report that exposes the whole thing.

Without further ado, here are today’s “disasters waiting to happen”:

Genco (GNCC)

I love heading to research a company that’s being hyped by pumpers and find this…

Genco Warning

“Warning!  Warning!  Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”

Hopefully, some of you get that reference – or I’m in big trouble.  This is a clear red flag if I ever saw one.  This company may not be making material information publicly available… pretty cut and dry to me.

Anyway, GNCC is being pumped by 007 Stock Chat to the tune of $150,000.  For their part, the pumper touted this company as “a $30Mil float monster chart play that has yet to be discovered.”

Seriously now, monster chart play?  That’s not a technical term I’m familiar with – “Does not compute, does not compute!”

Obviously, the pumpers have nothing real to tell you about the company as they’re not even filing any financial reports on time.  In addition to not being registered with the SEC – Genco’s last financial update was filed for June of 2011! 

As if that’s not bad enough, GNCC has horrible numbers…

First off, they’ve booked no revenue in the quarter.  Yes, $0.  In the process, the company lost $19,211.

Even worse, GNCC has $0 cash and $0 in total assets.  They have nothing!   In fact, they’re deep in the hole by over $215,000.  No wonder the stock is trading down near $0.005.

Obviously, there’s no reason for you to buy this stock.  If there was, you’d be able to find it.  So when it comes to anything the pumpers tell you on this one, I’d say “My sensors indicate total B.S.!” 

 Great Wall Builders (GWBU)

Round and round we go, and Centro Azteca S.A. is up to their stinky rotten tricks again…

While we’re closing in on the final days of the GWBU promotion, the pumpers are name dropping like it’s going out of style!

I almost feel bad for GWBU – almost…

You see, their subsidiary, Start Technologies Europe, has supposedly turned over some of their FEED units to Mercedes Benz for testing.  If that’s what’s really going on, then good for the company.

But the problem is, we’ve seen big name dropping in the past with this pumper.  Remember Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK)?   If you’re new to our site, Sunpeaks was a company being pushed by this very group of stock touting fiends back in April.

They were using pro sports teams and even hyping up the fact their product would be for sale through Walgreens pharmacies.

The pumpers use big name companies in the same sentence as the insignificant little company they’re being paid to pump.  It’s one of the oldest tricks in the game, and it still works like a charm! 

Remember, last week they got your attention by comparing GWBU to Facebook.  Not the same angle, but still – a big company association.

As I expected, there’s nothing new with the financial condition of Great Wall Builders… they still hold $0 cash and have $0 in total assets.  Better still, for the first three months of this year, GWBU had $0 revenue and posted a $10K loss.

Last week the stock was trading near $1.64.  So how’s GWBU holding up this week?  Let’s take a look…

Great Wall Builders Chart

As you can see, not much has happened lately.  And that has to be driving the pumpers crazy!  They’re used to systematically jacking up the price of a stock week after week.  This one hasn’t moved since mid-May!

It’s the fifth week of pumping for GWBU, and the flow of “news” from the pumpers will end soon.  Usually that is followed by a huge freefall in the stock price.

If you’re invested in this stock, I’d be running for the exits now.  Selling without a profit is fine… but taking a huge loss is no fun.   Even if this company is legit, it will be quite some time before they turn a profit – if ever!

Bluewave Group (BLEW)

When emails pumping this penny stock showed up in my inbox, I couldn’t help but laugh.  I started conjuring up all the ways I could mock this stock symbol.  This time around, I’m stepping away from the low hanging fruit… it’s just too easy.

Let’s move on to the actual issues at hand.

Bluewave is a company that’s being pumped by Hot Stock Profits right now.  Surprisingly, the pumper is only collecting $10,000 for their promotion.  I guess you get what you pay for because the email was pathetically written and highlighted the one-day performance of the stock –

“BLEW opened up the trading day at 0.005 and rallied to a day high of 0.008, 60% in net realizable gains.”

Realizable gains… what exactly does that mean anyway?  I guess if someone was lucky enough to top tick this micro penny stock, the gains were “realizable”.  Whatever…

And that’s about all the pumper had to say on this one, because BLEW is a wreck otherwise.

For starters, the company no longer files financial reports with the SEC.  BLEW terminated their SEC registration back in March 2012.  Better yet, the company recently became Bluewave on March 17, 2010.  These guys operated as Cape Cod Aquaculture Corp. before that.

These two red flags are bad enough… but we have more.

BLEW’s financials are pathetic.  Since the company is a developmental stage entity, they have $0 revenue.  And as of January 31st, the company has just $472 in cash on hand and owes over $91,833 in liabilities.  I’d say they’re going to have a hard time managing anything… never mind attempting to develop a new company.

That’s probably why the stock trades in the thousandths of a cent range… down near $0.005.  And that valuation is even stretching it!

Here’s my favorite part about BLEW.  This organization plans to target multiple demographics with a specific focus on the lower disposable income market.  Targeting “lower disposable income” doesn’t really excite investors looking for huge returns. 

How exactly do you make money when your target audience has virtually none?  That’s an awesome question the 33 year old Mr. Jordan McCarty should answer.  He’s the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of BLEW.

As a one man show, why do you even go public?

I think it’s pretty clear, if you buy shares of BLEW… you really blew it!  (I couldn’t resist.)

A final word (and warning).

These are just a few of the potential “pump and dumps” we’ve seen lately.

Remember, there’s a lot more of this going on than we can highlight here.

As you know, penny stocks are a great place to invest your money.  You just have to do your due diligence to stay away from all the schemes and scams out there these days!

Until next time,

Brian Walker

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