Big Money In Pot Stocks

| August 29, 2014

marijuanaDid you know that there are more than 6,000 penny stocks out there?

That’s right, there are more penny stocks than any one man or woman can possibly research.

So if you’re like most people, you’ll go with what’s hot… and avoid what’s not.

And in today’s world, there’s nothing hotter than Pot penny stocks… yeup – penny stocks focused on the Marijuana industry.

Why all the focus?

It’s because the pot industry is in the news… there’s a huge trend at the highest levels of government to decriminalize Pot and make it a recreation product… much like alcohol or cigarettes.

So why all the excitement in investors?

Well look at a company called GreenGro Technologies (GRNH)

This is what happened to their stock…

GreenGro Technologies

Just look at that chart, this Hot Pot Penny Stock went from $0.025 a share (that’s right, under three pennies) to about $0.80 a share then settled around $0.50 a share.

3,100% return in just a few days!

That’s right… a stunning once in a lifetime gain shaped up in early 2014.

But don’t get too excited… you see, a few months later the stock cratered to under $0.16 cents a share… you’d still have a gain, but anyone who jumped on the stock after the spike is suffering greatly.

Is there demand for the business?

You bet!

Is there money to be made selling pot and pot related products?

You bet!

Can you make money trading these stocks?

If you’re careful.

Play it safe people and watch what you’re investing in.  Don’t just jump on something because it’s a fad.  And always do your research!

Profitably Yours,

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