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| January 14, 2015

New York Stock ExchangeComprehensive List Of NYSE Penny Stocks!

In the last few weeks, I’ve received more requests for lists of penny stocks than I can count.

So I did a bit of research for you and here’s what I dug up… a quick list of 14 classic penny stocks that trade on the NYSE.

So, what’s a Classic Penny Stock?

As I mention in my article from last week, a penny stock can be whatever you want it to be.  But classically, a penny stock trades for under a buck – or for pennies a share!

I went to my favorite screening tool and did a quick search.

First, I only looked at stocks trading on the NYSE.

There are thousands of stocks that trade on other exchanges… but for today, we’re going to start with the NYSE.

Then I eliminated all the securities that aren’t stocks… so no mutual funds… no ETFs… nothing crazy like that.

Then I searched for everything under a buck!

This I the list I got:

NYSE Penny Stocks List January 2015

So a couple of interesting observations…

Four of the fourteen stocks are in the oil & gas space… it’s to be expected given the recent plummet in oil prices.

More than half of the stocks are in the Basic Materials sector… these are traditionally companies that produce goods used by other businesses in final products… Steel & Iron, Rubber, Energy (Oil & Gas).

And four of these stocks (ZA, TEU, PT, and LAS) report (according to my screener) a positive P/E ratio… meaning they have earnings!

As you look at these stocks…

A Warning About NYSE Penny Stocks

I’ve got to give you a small warning.

The NYSE has listing standards… and a minimum stock price is one of them.

That puts NYSE Penny Stocks right in the crosshairs of the exchange.  When a stock starts trading below $1 a share, the clock starts.  If shares trade below $1 for 30 days, they risk delisting.

That’s right, they can be kicked off the exchange.

Now it doesn’t happen right away.  There’s a process.  There are appeals.  Management can work with the exchange to bring the price up… or split the stock.

And the exchange can change the rules from time to time.

For example, in 2009 when the markets were in the middle of the recession, the exchange waived the minimum price requirement.

But that said, if you start looking at investing in these stocks, you’ve got to be careful.

Problems With NYSE Penny Stocks

Before you even think of buying one of these companies, do your penny stock due diligence.

Figure out why the stock price is so low… and try and determine what the future of the company is.

For example, RadioShack (RSH) is on this list… and that’s a company on the verge of bankruptcy.  Just Google RadioShack and look at the news… you’ll see it’s a target of a tug-o-war between credit traders and hedge funds.

This company isn’t about selling products anymore, it’s all about financial engineering and hedge fund bragging rights.

Just look at this Bloomberg article about the company’s side bets:

Scott do you know how to make this open a new tab?

Not a penny stock I’d touch with a 10 foot pole.

In case you can’t read the graphic above, here’s that list of NYSE penny stocks again.

BPZ – BPZ Resources, Inc.

DDE – Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc.

GSI – General Steel Holdings, Inc.

HDY – Hyperdynamics Corporation

KWK – Quicksilver Resources Inc.

LAS – Lentuo International Inc.

MCP – Molycorp, Inc.

MTL – Mechel OAO

PT – Portugal Telecom, SGPS S.A.

REN – Resolute Energy Corporation

RSH – RadioShack Corp.

STRI – STR Holdings, Inc.

TEU – Box Ships Inc.

ZA – Zuoan Fashion Limited

Good trading…

Brian Kent

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