The Worst NFL Rule Ever… Cowboys vs Packers

| January 12, 2015

refereesA Robbery In Front Of MILLIONS: Cowboys – Packers!

Well, I’ve got to warn you…

I’m going to rant and rave today.  Sunday was the NFL playoffs.  And my team – the Chicago Bears – are at home eating chips & dip instead of competing for the title.

Why aren’t the Bears competitive?

Their quarterback sucks.  That’s right.

It’s time to replace Jay Cutler and get a new QB.  Preferably one who doesn’t like to throw interceptions!  I swear, that guy just hands the ball to the defense.

But I digress.

Sunday was the playoffs and in the Cowboys – Packers game there was a big problem!

Once again, the entire game was determined by the referees… instead of the players on the field.  And that’s a shame.

I wouldn’t have bothered to watch if I knew the officials were just going to pick a winner.

In case you didn’t see the game, it was neck and neck the whole time… a great game… With just a few minutes left and down by 5, the Cowboys were marching.

On a critical 4th down play, Romo throws the ball deep and Dez Bryant leaps like a basketball player going in for a tomahawk dunk!

He snatches the ball out of the air… twists his body… lands two feet in bounds and falls lunging for the goal line.

It’s a 31 yard completion and the ball is placed on the 2 yard line… the Cowboys will surely score and take the lead with just minutes in the game.

The Robbery In Front Of Millions

And that’s when the Packers challenged the call on the field.  Officials took a closer look at the catch… Super slowmo instant replay.

And after making the catch, landing on his feet, being hit by the defensive player and clearly reaching the ball for the goal line you see the ball hit the ground and bobble.

So he caught the ball.  Amazing by the way.

He landed on his feet… yet “in the process of going to the ground” the ball gets bobbled… and the pass is ruled incomplete.  It was a daylight robbery!

Look, I’m not stupid.

The rules were applied correctly as the NFL says after every one of these calls.

If you’re falling to the ground and the ball moves after touching the ground, it’s incomplete.

But this is where the rule differs from real life.

Ask 100 people (Packers fans included) if that was a catch… and 100 fans would call it a catch.  Regardless of some stupid rule.

I guess the heart of the entire argument is when is a catch a catch?

This Is So Stupid

Here’s the funny part… I’m not a Cowboys fan… not even close.  But they were robbed of a chance to go on in the playoffs not because of their play… but because of a stupid rule that the NFL should change.

Let me prove it to you in a few words.

Had Dez leaned forward and crossed the goal line with the ball, it would have been a touchdown.  The moment the ball crosses the goal line it’s a touchdown.  But because he was just 2 yards short… I guess different rules apply.

The NFL is playing with fire and the integrity of the league is at issue with these hyper detailed rulings which only referees and super slow-motion cameras can provide.

These rules need to change and they need to change soon.

So there’s my rant… and I’ll get off my soap box now.

But I’m curious, if you watched the game… was it a catch?

What do you think?

Stay tuned the next article is a great one… and I’ll actually talk about penny stocks 😉

Good trading…

Brian Kent
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