11 Money Myths That Make Success Hard To Find

| August 29, 2019

money mythsEveryone wants to make more money, but sometimes commonly held myths will make you fearful for reaching out and getting the extra cash you desire. Read on for 11 common money myths that you need to banish from your life forever to open up the path to success.

Money Is Evil

You’ve probably heard that money is evil and along with that notion, wanting more money is also evil. However, if you’re honest and can acquire your riches in an ethical way, there’s nothing evil about that. Don’t let the desire to be good sabotage your efforts at amassing riches.

You Have To Be Lucky To Make A Lot Of Money

While luck has some role in many a millionaire’s lives, it’s not the one factor that all successful people have in common. In the short-term, luck is an essential ingredient. In the long-term, sustained wealth requires a lot more than luck. Try on hard work, discipline and prioritizing to see if your monitory fortunes changes for the better.

Money Will Change A Person

Money can’t make you good, bad or anything else. It just allows you the freedom to be more of what you already are. If you’re a good person with good intentions, money will just let you move into a nicer house and maybe relocate your business.

Money Is A Physical Thing

Sure you can hold money in your hand, but it’s nothing more than a small piece of metal or a thin sheet of paper that has no real value on its own. Money is actually a concept thought up by humans. When you get money it’s because you’ve given something of value like your skills or a physical good. The money is a placeholder that you use to exchange for something else of value.

If You’re Really Frugal You’ll Get Ahead

Sometimes people pinch pennies in an effort to save money and get ahead. Pinching pennies won’t make you rich, it’ll leave you with a bunch of pennies. Making the big bucks requires big dreams and heavy goals. Don’t think about the pennies – think about the millions.

Rich People Aren’t Like The Rest Of The World

This is completely false. Rich people aren’t smarter than anyone else. They’ve most likely been knocked down a few time son the way to the top, but what makes them different is that they kept getting up and trying again. They believe in themselves and they reach for success.

Money Won’t Make You Happy

While money can buy you food, clothing and shelter it can’t actually make you happy. However, it’s a lot more comfortable to be crying in a Mercedes than a Ford. Stop blaming money for your lack of happiness and let go of the bitterness you feel towards people who have money. Get yourself in a good mindset and making the green will be easier.

There’s Not Enough Money

There’s always enough money. It’s not a finite resource like oil and you’re not limited by time in how much you can make. Because money is a concept instead of a physical thing, the amount of money in the world is only limited by the amount of value currently available in the marketplace.

You Need To Save Your Money To Become Rich

Money isn’t some kind of finite resource that you need to hoard while waiting for a bad day. Don’t sit on your money waiting for it to ripen and make you rich. Instead, invest it, think big and acquire the resources you need to make it multiply.

Making A Lot Of Money Is Too Hard

Making money might be tough, but if you can find a way to make it doing something you love it won’t be nearly as bad. Doing something you hate will not give you the satisfaction you need to feel to get through the boring, never ending nights you’ll spend working towards your goal of being rich.

If I make all the money, someone else won’t be able to pay their bills. Again, money is not a finite resource. Life isn’t like a game of Monopoly where you run out of money. Don’t feel like a bad person if you want to have more money than someone else. Just because you’re making money doesn’t mean your friends or neighbors won’t be able to pay their rents. If you’re really worried about everyone else, make sure you actively participate in the market so money can flow from one person to another.

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