• Benefits Of Utilizing A Stock Screener

    Benefits Of Utilizing A Stock Screener

    Generating investment ideas can be tough. If you’re looking for ways to accomplish this task I wrote a whole article on the subject here, but with this post I want to focus on one way in particular, stock screeners. A stock screener can be an excellent way to generate investment ideas in an objective, unbiased manner. […]

4 Undervalued Growth Stocks Deserving Your Interest

4 Undervalued Growth Stocks Deserving Your Interest

Pick up your pen and paper and write down the names of these four stocks that right now trade for valuations too low for their potential growth. With most stocks tading for premiums right now, finding four growth stocks with attractive valuations to add to your portfolio is worth your attention. I have followed and […]

Neuromama – How To Turn $25K Into $35B (sort of)

Neuromama – How To Turn $25K Into $35B (sort of)

Would you like a 100 million-plus percent return on your money in a little more than four years? You would? Well, it can be done, but there are a couple of catches at the end that may prevent the enjoyment of the unearned riches. Have a look at this article from Bloomberg.com: A $35 Billion Stock, […]


4 Stocks To Buy With The Spread Of Zika

The Zika virus has been all over the news recently. It obviously is a backdrop for the Summer Olympics given the host country Brazil is the epicenter for this recent outbreak. The President and Congress continue to duel it out on assigning funding to tackle the virus from spreading further than it already has in […]

Top 5 Favorite Stocks After Earnings

Top 5 Favorite Stocks After Earnings

After reading through hundreds of earnings reports, Bret Jensen has selected his top five favorite stocks with the best prospects after second quarter earnings. If you’re looking for a short-list of a top-rated analysts’s favortie stocks, look no further. We have been in the heart of second quarter earnings season for a couple of weeks […]

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7 Stocks To Buy In The Market’s Hottest Sectors

Invest in the momentum of these seven stocks spanning three different sectors that all have strong economic tailwinds lifting their revenues, profits, and stock prices higher. As the market continues to flirt with and reach new all-time highs, many sectors in the market seem primed to far outpace their peers. Sometimes being a good investor […]


A Plan Coming Together

An A-Team Biotech Stock Fans of the 80’s TV show “The A-Team” will remember George Peppard’s character, Hanibal, as the leader of the rebellious group of military misfits.  At least once a show, he would stick a cigar in his mouth and say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  His face would light […]

4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

After biotech stock Relypsa was bought out last week for a 60% premium, the odds of M&A heating up in this sector increased dramatically. Bret Jensen shares four more likely takeover targets that should be on your watchlist. It was a good week for the Biotech Gems portfolio. Progenics Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PGNX) leapt 25% in […]


It Is All About The Benjamin

During times of a frothy bull market or a crushing bear market, journalists and analysts call for a return of evaluating stocks based on their inherent value. Rather than price a stock at what people think it will be worth in the future or what people think the price should be if everything is perfect, […]


3 Undervalued Stocks With Strong Upcoming Catalysts

If all goes well for these three stocks, in the next six months they could be worth over double the prices they currently trade for. Each stock has important, business-defining events that, if positive (and it’s likely they will be), would make their businesses significantly more valuable. I get dozens of questions every week on […]

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3 Little-Known Dividend Stocks To Buy For Growth And Income

Unlike many dividend stocks, these three picks have the potential to hand investors share price gains and big dividend checks. Find out what makes these under-the-radar growth stocks smart additions to your portfolio. In general, the best opportunities for dividend income-focused investors can be found in the mid-cap sector of the stock market. In many […]