• Interest Rates, The Federal Reserve & Recessions

    Interest Rates, The Federal Reserve & Recessions

    “Davidson” submits: The past 12mos has seen many a ‘high profile’ investor forecast that a recession is imminent. This is the consensus view. Some claim it is driven by economic weakness from one area or another. There are still claims that employment is weak when it is at record highs. Others claim that retail sales […]


4 Top Biotech Stocks To Be Purchased On The Cheap

Biotech stocks took a tumble last week, but for the long-term investor these valuations are a gift. Snap up shares of these four promising stocks for a discount today and take advantage of these too-low prices. Last week was brutal for biotech investors. The main indices dropped more than six percent just in Tuesday’s and […]

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4 Cheap Stocks With Breakout Potential

Offering compelling value and rich upside, two increasingly rare qualities now that the market flirts with all-time highs, these four stocks should either be on your watchlist or in your portfolio. Overpaying for stocks is one of the surest ways to limit your returns. Alcoa (NYSE: AA) opened up third quarter earnings season this week. […]


4 Takeover Targets In The Market’s Hottest Sector

There has been a fast and furious resurgence in M&A in this sector with tens of billions of dollars of deals going down in just the last couple of months. With expectations that dealmaking will continue to increase, consider these four stocks as solid investments with the chance for huge returns if they are purchased […]

IPOs Remain At Historic Lows In The Third Quarter

IPOs Remain At Historic Lows In The Third Quarter

The number of companies going public on United States exchanges amounted to 35 in the third quarter, which represented a 16.7% uptick from the year-ago quarter (30 IPOs). Despite the increase, this number still trails the average third quarter IPO count going back to 2000 (39 IPOs). The Q3 amount also represented an increase from […]


Top 3 Predictions For The Market In 2017

Some major themes have developed in the market this year that will carry over into 2017 and change how investors will profit in the market. Bret Jensen shares his top three strategies for which stocks will win and which will lose in 2017. The third quarter has officially wound to a close. The market has […]


4 Must-Own Biotech Stocks As The Sector Comes Charging Back

Up 20% over the last three months, the biotech sector has come roaring back with a vengeance. Given the positive outlook for this sector, Bret Jensen shares his four “must-own” picks through year-end. After three quarters of significantly underperforming the overall market, the biotech sector has roared back in a big way so far in […]


Buy These 3 Stocks Insiders Love

When insiders step up and put millions of their own dollars on the line to purchase company stock, investors should take notice. Don’t wait to only then see these stocks on CNBC rocketing up double-digits, buy shares today. After over two decades of successfully investing in the volatile and lucrative small biotech space, I have […]


The Next 3 Major Biotech Takeover Targets

After record years for deal volume in both 2014 and 2015 in the biotech and pharma industries, M&A transactions have posted a significant decline in the volume of deals so far in 2016 across these industries. As of late August, transactions based on dollar volume were down almost 65% from the same period in 2015. […]

Sell These 5 Stocks On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

Sell These 5 Stocks On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

These stocks have serious red flags and are ticking time bombs in your portfolio. Several companies from our 2014 and 2015 watchlists are already bankrupt or very close, and the companies profiled today are likely on the same track. Dump these losers immediately. Bankruptcy is a scary thing but a natural part of the economic […]

The 6 Biggest Mistakes New Investors Make

The 6 Biggest Mistakes New Investors Make

Investing is exciting. When you first enter the world of stocks, bonds, real estate, and the limitless other capital investment options, all you can think about is the sheer potential of your financial decisions. Unfortunately, your lack of experience may limit that potential, or sabotage it all together. There’s no way for a novice investor […]