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    5 Small-Cap International Funds You Ignore At Your Own Peril

    Small-cap international stocks could provide just the boost your portfolio needs. Whether you’re an active investor or swear by index funds, you can’t ignore the long-term outperformance of small-cap firms. This market anomaly has been around since the 1980’s. And it turns out that the small firm return premium carries over into the international stock […]


Where To Next For Bitcoin?

So, what do you think will happen from here with bitcoin? We’ve already seen a massive crash, and the cryptocurrency seems stuck around the $8,000 mark, after reaching $6,630 recently. But I don’t think this crash is done. I expect we’ll see bitcoin ultimately lose well over 90% of its value before rallying again longer term. […]

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10 Cheap Stocks For Less Than The Price Of A Netflix Subscription

All these stocks are cheaper than a month of Netflix and could make you money in 2018 It’s easy to overlook small monthly expenses such as a Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) or Spotify Technology SA (NYSE:SPOT) subscription. But even those small dollar amounts can add up. With the rise of discount and even free brokerages, it’s ever-easier to put small […]


9 Things Cannabis Investors Should Know

The swift regulatory changes taking place in the global cannabis sector are almost without modern precedent. While some find the situation analogous to the repeal of Prohibition in the United States, it’s also fair to point out that such events happened 85 years ago in the midst of the Great Depression. It was a long […]

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5 Marijuana Stocks From A Budding Industry

These 5 Canadian cannabis companies offer out-sized profit potential in an emerging industry Emerging businesses often serve as excellent chances to earn outsized profits. One rising out of the shadows recently is the marijuana industry. Bans instituted in the early 20th century drove its cultivation and use of cannabis underground. However, with various trends toward […]

Tesla Motors

The Hidden Beneficiary Of The Electric Car Revolution

Ask the average investor the biggest beneficiary of the move around the world toward electric vehicles and the likely answer will be Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA). I only wish I could press a very loud buzzer informing them they are wrong. Tesla is just one ‘horse’ in a very crowded field of automakers. I know that you […]

3 Stocks Under $10 That Exploded Higher In Q1

3 Stocks Under $10 That Exploded Higher In Q1

These stocks under $10 were big winners in an otherwise troubled Q1 for the stock market When it comes to the stock market, things could’ve gone better in the first quarter of 2018. The S&P 500 dropped about a percent in Q1. That is the worst quarterly performance for the stock market in the Donald Trump era. […]

Meals On Wheels… And Losses On-Demand

Meals On Wheels… And Losses On-Demand

On June 29, 2017, meal-delivery firm Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: APRN) IPO’d at $10 per share. Today, shares have collapsed to just $2. What gives? The company’s business is simple: It delivers pre-portioned, ready-to-cook ingredients (with recipes) to customers’ homes. And if you like a tipple with your meals, it offers Blue Apron Wine delivery, too. Alas, […]

Beware Of Cyrptocurrency Scams

Beware Of Cyrptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency is a very new financial asset, and an overwhelmingly popular one as well. While this is great for the crypto-industry as a whole, this does lead to some concern for the early adopters of this financial asset. After all, when popularity hits an asset or trading vehicle before regulation does, scams tend to run […]

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10 Small Caps Punching Above Their Weight

They may be tiny, but they pack a wallop The last few weeks have been tough for the broad market. With more questions remaining as to the future for overbought and overvalued stocks, the next few weeks may be just as frustrating. Here’s the solution: Stay out of mainstream large-cap names! Large-cap stocks carry more than […]

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5 Big Biotech Stocks To Buy Under $10

Small biotech stocks can pack a wallop For investors, biotech stocks remain one of the most dynamic sectors out there. On one hand, you have some of the largest pharmaceutical firms on the planet with multi-billion-dollar blockbuster drugs filling their coffers. On the other, you have the more stereotypical “lotto ticket” biotech stocks of clinical […]