• 7 Small-Cap Stocks That Serve Up Big Dividends

    7 Small-Cap Stocks That Serve Up Big Dividends

    Small-cap stocks aren’t known for their generous dividends — usually Small-cap stocks are synonymous with growth — or at least the potential for growth. What they aren’t traditionally known for is paying dividends. Most small-cap stocks are relative startups that are not yet profitable. Others pour what money they make into growing the business, so […]


Concerned About Interest Rate Risk? Consider Small-Caps

Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper looks at the correlation of small-cap stock performance with rising interest rates. How might rising rates affect small-caps? There’s a surprising aspect to small-cap stocks that many investors aren’t aware of. And that’s that it has lower interest rate sensitivity than large-caps. Actually, if you measure it, and you look […]


7 Small-Cap Tech Stocks On The Cutting Edge

If you’re looking for the hottest growth track in tech, think small Continued good news about the economy is starting to thaw parts of the market that have been quietly chugging along in recent years — especially in small-cap tech. For most of these stocks, the recovery began from rock-bottom levels last year. But as […]


3 Small Biotech Moonshots To Add To Your Portfolio

As the biotech sector heats up more in 2017, small stocks like the three in this article have already turned in some stellar performances. With the entire sector gaining steam, there’s still plenty of upside left. Bret Jensen recommends adding these three stocks to the portfolio.  Sentiment on the biotech sector early in 2017 sure has […]

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Paper Trading: Seven Benefits To Practicing Buying Stocks

Scared to pull the trigger on that first stock purchase? Looking for a way to start practicing before you put your actual, hard-earned money on the line? Buying stocks by paper trading might be one of the best ways to start learning how the process works. It also gives you a means to practice your […]


3 Biotech Stock Beneficiaries Of A Streamlined FDA

With lower approval wait times and decreased regulations on the horizon, long-term investing opportunities in the biotech sector haven’t looked this great in over two years. Take a look at these three stocks in particular as they will reap the most reward from a streamlined FDA.  After an approximate gain of 10% in February, the […]

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

They may’ve whiffed on earnings, but the fundamental thesis remains Earnings season can be a blessing, a curse or an opportunity for investors to take advantage of drastic plunges and pick up beaten-up stocks at a cheaper prices. It’s not so easy, however, to tell the difference between a value and a money trap. More often […]


The Last Thing America Needs Is A Reignited War On Marijuana

The marijuana legalization movement has been holding its breath, waiting to see how President Donald Trump will address the issue. Public opinion and state law have leaned heavily in favor of decriminalizing the controversial cannabis plant over the last several years, signaling the inevitable downfall of the government’s war on drugs. However, as numerous state […]

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3 Small-Cap Stocks To Buy For Years Of High Returns

Looking for gains? Small-cap stocks are where it’s at. When it comes to finding the best returns, smaller really is better. Small-cap stocks have managed to outperform their larger brethren over the long haul. Since the creation of the S&P SmallCap 600 index back in 1994, the index of America’s smallest 600 stocks has managed […]


A Most Wonderful Year For Small-Caps

We believe we have turned the page on the 2011-2015 period in which financial markets behaved in such odd ways, and expect a strong multi-year period for thoughtful and disciplined small-cap active management. By any measure, 2016 was a terrific year for small-cap stocks, one that featured a double-digit positive return for the Russell 2000 […]

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3 Cheap Lithium Stocks To Buy That Will Energize Your Portfolio

Lithium is unquestionably a game changer, and these three Lithium stocks are a good way to join the party for cheap Poor lithium. The metal is so light it floats, so soft it crumbles and so unstable it’s perpetually searching for a partner, which is exactly why we love it. Lithium has what scientists call a […]