• 4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

    4 Likely Biotech Takeover Targets To Buy

    After biotech stock Relypsa was bought out last week for a 60% premium, the odds of M&A heating up in this sector increased dramatically. Bret Jensen shares four more likely takeover targets that should be on your watchlist. It was a good week for the Biotech Gems portfolio. Progenics Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: PGNX) leapt 25% in […]


It Is All About The Benjamin

During times of a frothy bull market or a crushing bear market, journalists and analysts call for a return of evaluating stocks based on their inherent value. Rather than price a stock at what people think it will be worth in the future or what people think the price should be if everything is perfect, […]


3 Undervalued Stocks With Strong Upcoming Catalysts

If all goes well for these three stocks, in the next six months they could be worth over double the prices they currently trade for. Each stock has important, business-defining events that, if positive (and it’s likely they will be), would make their businesses significantly more valuable. I get dozens of questions every week on […]

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3 Little-Known Dividend Stocks To Buy For Growth And Income

Unlike many dividend stocks, these three picks have the potential to hand investors share price gains and big dividend checks. Find out what makes these under-the-radar growth stocks smart additions to your portfolio. In general, the best opportunities for dividend income-focused investors can be found in the mid-cap sector of the stock market. In many […]


4 Undervalued Stocks To Buy And 5 Overvalued Stocks To Sell

Now that we’re at the half point of 2016, Bret Jensen identifies the best and worst areas to put your money for the rest of the year. Plus Bret gives you his favorite stocks in each of those sectors along with five stocks facing significant headwinds. It is hard to believe we are already in […]

What Exactly Is Credit?

What Exactly Is Credit?

Today, the yield on the 10-year treasury hit a record low of 1.378%.  Given that data for this security go back to 1790, – a 226 year span that includes Civil War, two world wars, and multiples periods of economic upheaval, – this development is interesting, to say the least. What’s more, the price of […]

4 Brexit Bargains With Big Dividends

4 Brexit Bargains With Big Dividends

Right now, the market only cares about one thing: Brexit. The market is volatile—which means now is a time to buy, buy and buy more as fears drive stocks too cheap. But the simple fact is no one knows exactly how Brexit will impact the world’s various economies. For sure, there’s a consensus that Britain […]

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It Can Take 20 Years For Sound Long-Term Investing Strategies To Pay Off

Just about everyone agrees that it’s smart for stock investors to take a long-term focus. What most do not yet realize is how much Shiller’s “revolutionary” (his word) finding that valuations affect long-term returns changes our understanding of what constitutes “long term.” Many investors have a hard time not being influenced by the day-to-day news. […]

What Does Brexit Mean For Individual Investors?

What Does Brexit Mean For Individual Investors?

This week, Americans are asking: What does Brexit mean for individual investors? The answer is: Not much.  Here’s why. If you follow financial news, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term Brexit for the past several months. If you’re like the average American, this word was introduced to you for the first time on Friday morning. What’s Brexit? As my wife and […]

The Real Secret Behind The Secret Investment Tip

The Real Secret Behind The Secret Investment Tip

Recently on several other websites, a “secret investment method” was revealed.  The beauty of this secret is that it worked every time in the past.  Impressive since it did not require knowledge of algorithms or how to read a MACD, RSI, or Bollinger Bands chart.  The only thing it required was the ability to look […]

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Gold: A Great Junior Game

It wasn’t so long ago that some of the more famous investor gurus were shrugging off gold as nothing more than shiny trinkets with no investment value. They were wrong. This safe haven is back, the recovery is clear, and there have been some very big changes of heart. The biggest gold producers in the […]