The Best Lithium Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now

| January 20, 2022

Lithium, lithium, lithium… It’s not pretty – it’s a dull, whitish gray that looks like something you’d do a driveway with.

But the soft alkali metal is the metal right now, thanks in large part to its use as a battery electrode in electric vehicles. Demand is high, and shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

One metric ton, or 2,204 pounds, of Chinese lithium is going for $51,400 right now – more than five times the price it commanded in January 2021. Lithium’s performance absolutely crushed the “classic” precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum over the past year.

For investors – particularly those who love a good “cheap stock” play – this is a “target rich” environment, with no shortage of speculative opportunities.

Here are three lithium stocks you have to check out.

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