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Investors Guide To Surviving Volatility In The Stock Market

It’s back!!! After well over a year of a smooth ride in the stock market, volatility is back with a vengeance. Even on days where the market closes down a few points, a closer look shows that the market swung wildly throughout the day and covered many hundred, if not thousand of points. To be […]

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3 Small Cap Stocks For Apple-Like Returns

Imitating the amazing returns that Apple handed investors since it launched the iPhone is no easy task, but Bret Jensen thinks that these three stocks might be able to come close.  Don’t look now, but first quarter earnings seasons is coming up directly ahead. The first quarter for the market was largely a positive one […]

7 Utility Stocks That Will Crack Your Nest Egg

7 Utility Stocks That Will Crack Your Nest Egg

Don’t expect these stocks to nurture your portfolio Utility stocks are essentially stocks that are in the business of providing electricity and other sources of power to consumer, commercial and industrial clients. It also includes delivering water to these same clients. Basically, the trade off for traditional utilities is that they get a competitive moat […]

Three Brazen Insiders Buying Their Own 10%+ Yields

Three Brazen Insiders Buying Their Own 10%+ Yields

There’s been a mini-wave of insider buying in the BDC (business development company) sector. This is worthy of our attention for three reasons: These firms pay fat 10%+ yields, Their stocks are trading far below book value, and The buyers are all founders who know exactly where their corporate bodies are buried. So do they […]

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Paper Trading: Seven Benefits To Practicing Buying Stocks

Scared to pull the trigger on that first stock purchase? Looking for a way to start practicing before you put your actual, hard-earned money on the line? Buying stocks by paper trading might be one of the best ways to start learning how the process works. It also gives you a means to practice your […]


3 Biotech Stock Beneficiaries Of A Streamlined FDA

With lower approval wait times and decreased regulations on the horizon, long-term investing opportunities in the biotech sector haven’t looked this great in over two years. Take a look at these three stocks in particular as they will reap the most reward from a streamlined FDA.  After an approximate gain of 10% in February, the […]

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

They may’ve whiffed on earnings, but the fundamental thesis remains Earnings season can be a blessing, a curse or an opportunity for investors to take advantage of drastic plunges and pick up beaten-up stocks at a cheaper prices. It’s not so easy, however, to tell the difference between a value and a money trap. More often […]

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7 Tech Stocks That Are Bucking The Downtrend

Myriad factors are contributing to the decline in equities, yet these tech stocks are shaking it off U.S. equities are languishing on Wednesday as geopolitical uncertainty from President Trump’s immigration order to upcoming elections in Europe weigh on sentiment. While large-cap stocks remain stable, the volatility and weakness is spreading in other assets from small-cap […]


3 Turnaround Stocks For Quick Gains In 2017

After watching the biggest turnaround story in sports on Sunday night, Bret Jensen was inspired to pick out three stocks that have been “left for dead” by the market but have great chances to be resurrected in 2017. Each of these stocks has a tough road ahead but if successful could return investors huge wads […]


FutureFuel Would Make A Great Acquisition

One of the cheapest stocks in our All Investable – Deep Value Stock Screener is FutureFuel Corp. (NYSE:FF). FutureFuel is a leading manufacturer of diversified chemical products and biofuels. FutureFuel’s chemicals segment manufactures specialty chemicals for specific customers (“custom manufacturing”) as well as multi-customer specialty chemicals (“performance chemicals”). FutureFuel’s custom manufacturing product portfolio includes a laundry detergent […]