The Five Apps Every Investor Needs In 2019

| March 5, 2019

appWhen it comes to financing, we’re well and truly in a digital world, and when it comes to technology, it moves quicker than almost anything else.

Investors really do need to be continually keeping with the times if they’re going to maximize their opportunity to profit and these days much of it can be done via our smartphones.

We trust and rely upon our devices more than ever before and when it comes to our investments there are some incredible apps on the market to keep you on the loop and your portfolio in check.


Acorns is a super tool and app for people who really want to start getting into investing, as it requires very little action from yourself.

You need very little experience and the app is actually designed to help people both save and invest. It works by investing your change, so costs very little do and basically for every transaction you make via your card, it’ll round up to the nearest dollar and take that change and place it into investments. Read the full acorns app review here.

The investments themselves are expertly chosen and the app has around 7,000 which it can go into. It’s the perfect starter tool for investors and if you put plenty in you really can get plenty back out again too.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance offers a live look at stock markets across the world and allows you to sync your shares so you can see live data.

It’s thought of as one of the best on the market and brings you breaking news, market synopsis and all manner of need-to-know information related to your investments.

It’s based upon their weather app incredibly, feeding through data as it comes in and has an interactive interface that allows you to delve into a great deal of detail, showing company information and fluctuations over a period of time. On top of highest and lowest prices of course.

You’ll find the app will send you push notifications to keep you entirely in the loop in what is a must have app for anyone looking to make investments in 2019.

Daily Stocks

Daily Stocks offers a similar view to Yahoo! but focuses on trends rather than specific businesses. This is ideal for comparing your own share prices against trends within the market and can also help identify which areas are worth investing in.

It’s a really intelligent app that is particularly useful for serious traders and you can really get into the nitty gritty of analyzing trends with it.

The only downside is that it’s very US focused and not entirely suited if you’re trading across markets worldwide.


StockTwits is a great app for keeping your finger on the pulse and not only pulls live data through for you, you can also play an engaging part in what other investors are saying about the market.

You can filter the app by your investments or the particular areas you’re interested in and find analysis and comment from thousands of investors just like yourself.

There’s expert analysis in there and you’ll also be able to see what are currently the most popular stocks being invested in at that moment in time with their trending tool.

It allows you to get a firm understanding of what other people are currently doing in the market, which is incredibly useful if you don’t necessarily get to discuss stocks with others on a regular basis.

If you’re new to investment it’s a great avenue to explore to simply watch and learn. You’ll pick up all manner of tips from experts and give you a good opportunity to start trading with the stocks that are currently hot.

Swell Investing

There are many reasons why we need a financial advisor, but in many cases they come at a cost. They can be incredibly expensive and if you’re new to investments you simply might not have that sort of capital.

A robo advisor can be a good solution and Swell Investing is just about the best out there. The service has been available for a while and can be accessed via your mobile or desktop, and allow you to build a solid portfolio of individual stocks. The platform uses a “rules-based” investment approach. It gives you the opportunity to choose what sort of stocks you’d like to invest in and uses a sophisticated algorithm to choose profitable investments for you.

You’ll find much of what Swell recommends investing in will be socially responsible, the service will also give you regular updates and advice on how your shares are performing.

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