Penny Stocks: Definition, How To Buy, & When To Sell

| December 16, 2021

A Crash Course In Penny Stock Basics

If you’re looking for ways to make money in the stock market, penny stocks may be something that comes to mind first. They’re cheap, they’re known for providing handsome returns, and all the Apes seem to love them. A classic example of why penny stocks attract so much attention is AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC). This was just a $2 stock at the beginning of 2021.

But a mix of unique market metrics had all of the stars align, which resulted in the event that likely changed the make-up of the stock market as we know it. Shares of AMC stock ultimately went on to explode to highs of $72.62.

How can you say penny stocks are bad when this one stock alone ran over 3,500% in just a few months? The answer is that you can’t, but it’s essential to know how to trade penny stocks so that you make money consistently and not strike out because you wanted a home run each time.

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