Great Traits of Penny Stock Traders… Do you have what it takes?

| October 10, 2014

investingGreatest Traits of Penny Stock Traders…

Do you want to be a great penny stock trader?

Well, to be honest, not many people have the skill set needed to trade.  There are a handful of things you need to successfully trade penny stocks.

First, you need capital. 

Without money, you can’t trade… so that goes without saying.

Second, you need great ideas and a passion for research. 

And third, you need the right personality. 

Any prosperous penny stock trader will tell you making money from investing in penny stocks requires a very specific personality.

Here are just a few traits of Successful Penny Stock Traders:

  • Patience -Ask any penny stock trader what the key to success is and the word patience will be used at some point in the response. To experience prolonged success, you must be able to research stocks, test strategies, absorb losses, and move on. Those who lack patience are usually the least successful.
  • Realistic expectations -While there are stories of traders bringing in millions of dollars a week, it’s not the norm. Successful traders are able to set realistic goals and don’t become greedy and dissatisfied with steady gains.
  • Risk tolerance -If you don’t like risk, penny stocks aren’t for you. Penny stocks are some of the most unknown stocks on the market and carry as much risk as they do reward. While patience and research will allow you to be successful in the long run, you must be willing to tolerate risk in the meantime.
  • Quick learner -Whether it’s a missed opportunity or a rookie mistake, successful stock traders learn from their past and adapt accordingly. It’s this trait that separates average traders from successful investors.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we look forward to seeing you on the penny stock trading battlefield!

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