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| November 26, 2014

ThanksgivingLessons From Thanksgiving For Penny Stock Investors!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving… and I love it.

It’s one of my favorite holidays.

And as I get older, it plays a bigger and bigger role in my life.  When I was a little kid, we always went to my great aunt and uncle’s house for Thanksgiving.

I still remember the house, the way it smelled, the old stuff hanging on the walls.  We had to dress up and look our best. And it always had a trip to the local putting course for the kids!

Then a few years later, the joy of hosting Thanksgiving passed to my aunt and uncle.

Everyone made the trek to their house.  It was small and they had tables everywhere – on the front porch, in the front room, the dining room, out back on the lawn.  (I guess it’s lucky we live in Phoenix where it’s around 70 degrees on Thanksgiving day!)

My aunt and uncle’s Thanksgivings were more casual… and that’s also where I witnessed my first deep fried turkey…

Well a few years later, the official Torch of Thanksgiving was passed.

We now host Thanksgiving at my house… it’s the third year in a row, and will probably be this way for the next 20 years… at least until my nieces and nephews are old enough to host on their own.

The Thanksgiving Day Event

I promise I’ll get to my connection between Thanksgiving and penny stocks… But to get there, you’ve got to understand the family dynamic.

Thanksgiving in my family isn’t a small gathering around a tiny bird.

This year we’ll have 43 people attending.  It’s a good thing we own 2.5 acres for people to spread out on!  For those of you interested in the food, we’re cooking 30 lbs of turkey and another 10 pounds of ham!

Everyone gets assigned something to bring… from the Bloody Mary mix for the event kickoff, to casseroles, potatoes, stuffing, pies… and then fixings for the after Thanksgiving meal.

You see, we have the big Thanksgiving lunch…

Then everyone sits around and talks and laughs.  The kids play games… and a few hours later we break out the dinner service for sandwiches.

It’s an all day affair.

The Tie Between Penny Stocks And Thanksgiving 

As you can imagine, the Thanksgiving buffet is enough to feed an army.

BUT, your dinner plate is only so big, and as a result, you’ve got to be selective about what you pick out to eat.

If you load up on too much of something great, you won’t have any room on your plate for the even better stuff at the end of the line!

And this is how Thanksgiving is like penny stock trading… seriously…

When it comes to trading penny stocks, you only have a limited amount of time and money to invest… and you’ve got to use your time and money carefully.

You know I’m right.

You need to figure out what stocks you’re going to buy and why… then spend time monitoring your positions.

If you heap too much on your plate, the good stuff gets buried beneath the mashed potatoes.

In penny stock trading, if you’re spread too thin, the great trades get lost in the shuffle.

That’s why I believe if you’re going to trade penny stocks, you should try and become an expert on a few small areas of the market.  If you know mining, focus on that.  If you understand biotech, give your time to that topic.

Trying to understand everything is a recipe for disaster!

Just like heaping all your Thanksgiving food onto your plate results in an average meal!

Take your time, study your industry.  Learn everything you can… then fill your plate with the best stocks you’ve found… and don’t be afraid to load up… that’s how you make the big money.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

Profitably Yours,

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