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| June 16, 2015

stop spamThis Is Important… Please Read The Whole Thing…

Last week I told you about an important message I was going to send.  Here it is… and frankly, it turns my stomach that I need to even send a note like this.  If you agree with what I say below, please share this with your friends and family.  Thanks – Brian

Normally you know I like to have fun with my articles.

I like to keep investing light and fun… not like a boring economics course in college.

Nobody wants boring… nobody wants dry… and I hope I’ve done my job.

But today I have a serious message for you…. It’s no joke.

As you know, email is an important part of our business.  We send out millions of messages a month.  Our free newsletter (which anyone can sign up for) gives free information, news, and commentary to anyone and everyone.  We don’t discriminate.

And we send tens of thousands of messages a month to our paid subscribers.

These emails contain information and news about the markets and sensitive trade ideas and updates.  Subscribers PAY US for this information.  To all you paid subscribers, thank you… you put food on my table.

To say our entire business is built on email… that’s an understatement.

We rely on our advanced email systems to deliver messages and timely updates.  And we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to make sure we have the cutting edge technology we need.

But unfortunately, our system is broken.

I don’t mean the email system we use at Penny Stock Research… I mean the email system we have in the world today.

Let me give you an example…

Did you know that tampering with the US postal system is a CRIME?  I recently heard the penalty for stealing mail… or not delivering mail, could result in nine years in PRISON!

That’s how serious the government sees communication.

But those same rules don’t apply to email.

If you think you’re getting all your email, you’re blind to the reality of the world.

The major tech companies are regulating what you see.  YES, your email service providers, your internet service providers, and even your email software are regulating what you see.

Scary isn’t it?

What they do is scan every message sent to you… looking for keywords, links, and other content.  And they block what they don’t like.  They do this to control SPAM… at least that’s what they claim.

But the problem is, it impacts real businesses.  Real businesses with real employees and real products!

Did you know your email provider might block an email from your inbox because you didn’t open the earlier emails?

Did you know that your Internet service provider can prevent emails from even showing up if they don’t like the website that’s linked in an email?

That means important information you want and need (and may have paid for) are not being delivered… and you my friend have no idea.

How do I know?

Because I see the data.

For example, I reviewed the email data from one recent email send.  Our good “friends” at Yahoo didn’t deliver the message.  They didn’t like the link… so they kicked the email back.

So, if you have a yahoo email address, the odds are good you haven’t received some of our emails.

Worse still, paid subscribers have the same issue.

You might have paid for our reports… but your Internet service provider can refuse to deliver them because of the words we use in our email.

We deal with this issue all the time… delayed emails, undelivered emails… we publish on a schedule – but your ISP doesn’t need to deliver the email on schedule.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

Why isn’t government doing something about this?

I mean they’ll prosecute someone and put them in jail for not delivering a piece of regular mail… why don’t they do the same for email?

It’s probably because our leaders are out of touch.

For example, Senator John McCain, who is the senior senator from my state of Arizona was on the news a few weeks ago.  He proudly announced he’d never sent an email in his entire life… and he doesn’t use email.



How is he still in office… Can you say out of touch with reality?

If you know Senator McCain, you might want to print this message and hand it to him… or read it to him over the phone… because you clearly can’t forward it!

And please don’t take this as a knock on the Republicans, there are Democrats in the same boat.  McCain isn’t alone.

The news profiled a bunch of people in Congress who don’t have or use email.  Ask yourself… how do they represent you?  If they have never used a critical platform like email, how in touch with the real world can they be?

It makes me wonder if they use cell phones or a computer?  Maybe they still communicate with the world via carrier pigeon?  I don’t know…

Either way… it’s a sad fact of the world today.

I can send you an email… but you might never get it… or even know it was sent.

But you can fight back… you can help me… and anyone else you communicate with over email.  Here are three simple ways to fight back:

  • Hit the reply button and send me a note. Yes, your email provider knows who you email (creepy right).  Well if you simply email me back, they track that.  And as a result, our emails are more likely to get through.
  • Click a link in the message. Crazy right?  If you click a link, your email system knows it… they track that too!  So click a link and you give that email sender a thumbs up… which means you might get more of your emails.  Want a link?  Here’s a link to ALL OF OUR FREE REPORTS.  No cost. No obligation. No signup… just click the link and read away.
  • You can whitelabel us. This is a fancy way of saying add me to your contact list, rolodex, or contact manager.  Yep, put my name in there and add this email address customerservice@penystockpublishing.com.  It’s that simple and it makes a huge difference.

Those aren’t the only things you can do… you can forward my messages, share notes on social media, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.  I have zero proof, but believe me, some advanced software is now studying relationships based on our social media profiles.  And that will be the future of filtering communication!

It’s scary what the advent of technology can lead to.

If you’re not wondering about all the messages you haven’t received… now’s the time to start.

Take a moment… let me know if you think I’m spot on… or making a molehill into a mountain.  And for gosh sake, hit the reply button and send me an email.

Oh, and if you ever want off the email list… just use the link at the bottom… you can unsubscribe at any time… although very few people do.

Next time… some interesting views on penny stocks…

Good investing…

Brian Kent

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