The Top 3 Fastest Growing Industries That You Want To Be Invested In

Every decade or two some transformative industry comes along that everyone wishes they were in on at the ground floor.

In the early 20th Century, it was the automobile. By the end of the 20th Century, it was the Internet. More recently we have seen the cryptocurrency revolution turn a few prophetic investors into millionaires and billionaires by simply buying some Bitcoin early in its life and holding on.

This leaves the rest of us wondering what the next big thing will be: Autonomous vehicles? Space tourism? Undersea mining? The list of possibilities is as endless as our imagination and desire to succeed.

However, there are a few standout industries that offer a lot more promise than the rest.

Let’s briefly examine the top 3 fastest growing industries that you wanted to be invested in.

Will one or all of them be the next car, Internet or Bitcoin?

We’re not sure, but these fastest growing industries are currently your best bet for getting in on the ground floor of something great!


Marijuana has been increasingly decriminalized and legalized for both medicinal and recreational use across a broad range of states. If this legal and regulatory trend continues, then marijuana use could become as widespread as the markets for both prescription painkillers and alcohol, which are each multi-billion dollar industries.

The companies that have created a brand recognition for quality and reliability will quickly rise to be national juggernauts in this massive new industry if the trend continues at its current course and pace. Buying some shares in a few of the top marijuana stocks is one of the best bets out there for being in on the ground floor of massive success.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been slowly getting off the ground for a few years now as the industry leaders have perfected their craft on avid video game players, and are now prepared to start marketing virtual reality products to a much broader consumer base.

Projected to grow at a compounding rate of more than 50% annually, virtual reality use as both a form of entertainment and for more practical purposes is set to become a commonly accepted fact. From international virtual reality parties in the comfort of your home to online virtual dressing rooms for Ecommerce fashion destinations, virtual reality is poised to massively transform a huge range of human activities.

It is hard to tell in advance precisely which products will be the next iPhone and which will be flops, but getting some currently cheap shares from the best in the virtual reality industry is a safe bet for rapid and potentially explosive growth in value.

Green Energy

Green energy is another industry that has struggled for years but is finally starting to hit its stride.

The recent surge in the green energy industry is being driven by the rapidly decreasing price of wind and solar energy alongside the growing commitment of governments and companies to meet global and local standards for pollution.

What was once an expensive indulgence for the committed eco-warrior is now a sensible solution for both businesses and homeowners, with the added bonus of contributing to making the planet a cleaner and nicer place to live.

The obscure companies that have been scraping by on mediocre profits are set to skyrocket now that their products have hit the mainstream. These companies with the knowledge, experience and trained staff to meet the heavy regulatory requirements for green energy installations will be able to capitalize on a fast growing industry with little in the way of competition.

The Future as You See It

The future is hard to know for certain, but you can make an educated guess based on the present.

You will not be able to get in on the ground floor of every fast-growing industry, but by buying a slice from one or more of these 3 fastest growing industries you are giving yourself the best chance of being a part of the next big thing.

These opportunities will not stay secret for long, so be sure to buy yourself a nice piece of the future today, and enjoy the wealth and happiness that comes from being a part of something new and great.

Note: The author of this article is Ross Cameron. Ross is a full time day trader and is the owner of Warrior Trading ( At Warrior Trading, Ross hosts a Day Trading Chat Room and teaches Day Trading Courses to beginner and even advanced traders.  This article originally appeared at Modest Money.

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