One Simple Thing You Can Change To Make Money With Penny Stocks

| January 30, 2015

investStruggling To Make Money In Penny Stocks?

When friends first find out I make money trading penny stocks, the first question they always ask is how I do it.

They look at me like there’s a secret to trading that only insiders know.

You know what… they’re right.

The longer you trade stocks… and especially penny stocks, the more you see, learn, and realize.  You start to pick up things that many beginning traders missed.

You can only gather some of these things with experience… they take time to learn.

For example, many new penny stock traders are trying to make money with Hot Penny Stocks, only to get burned!

They keep tossing money out the window like it’s on fire!

They make losing trade after losing trade and then become disheartened about making money in penny stocks.  They don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

Well, I have a secret that’s 100% obvious… and I’ll share it with you in a moment.

But first…

Why New Traders Don’t Make Money In Penny Stocks

If there’s one problem I see over and over again… it’s the trader’s view of penny stocks.

It’s the mental aspect of trading… and how traders think about penny stocks.

I know some of you are looking at me like I’ve lost my marbles.

Let me explain.

A lot of trading is mental…

How you look at trades is going to go a long way to teaching you the right and wrong way to do things. And with penny stocks, there’s a trap many traders fall into over and over again.

You see… penny stock traders see penny stocks as just pennies.

They figure with cheap stocks they’re not going to lose a lot of money… what’s a few hundred here or a few hundred there.

These penny stocks become lottery tickets – not investments.

They look for the best penny stocks out there… but then end up buying crap.

They scoop up stocks that trade at fractions of a cent.  They figure why not… it’s only a little money.

Well let me tell you, that’s the worst kind of thinking ever.

Instead of looking at penny stocks as lottery tickets, think of them as lifetime investments… stocks you want to own and control for years and years…

Let me tell you, that will change the types of penny stocks you trade trying to make money.

Changing your mental view of penny stocks goes a long way to success…

Now I promised you a secret to making money in penny stocks.

To Make Money With Penny Stocks… Make This One Change Right Now!

So here we go…

The ONE thing you can do to improve the chances of you making money in penny stocks.

Are you ready?

Stop trading penny stocks under a penny.

Let me say that again.

If you want to be more successful and actually MAKE MONEY in PENNY STOCKS, you’ve got to stop trading penny stocks priced under a penny!

You might not like it… but it’s the hard truth…

If a stock is trading for LESS than one cent per share, you sure as hell shouldn’t buy it!

It can be risky enough buying penny stocks trading under $5 a share. But if you go under a penny, you’re truly getting the bottom of the barrel and asking for trouble.

Stocks trading for less than a penny per share tend to be companies that aren’t real companies at all.

More often than not they’re shells, scams, and frauds.  They tend to have no revenue, no real products, and few employees if any at all!

So if you see a stock chart and price that looks like this, run the other way!


There are always exceptions, but this is true on 99.9999% of the sub-penny stocks out there.

And for every one that moves up a few fractions of a penny, there are a thousand that go straight to ZERO.  Just like the chart above!

You need to find the Top Penny Stocks out there… I’ve seen hundreds of legitimate penny stocks (trading over a penny) go up and make their investors rich…

The same can rarely be said of those trading for under a penny.

I know it sounds tempting to try your luck with these sub?penny stocks because they’re so cheap.

You’re just setting yourself up for failure.

No serious investor puts his money in these things… and neither should you.

There you have it… One simple change that can help you make money in penny stocks.

Good trading…

Brian Kent

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