Is It Good To Invest In Penny Stocks? Insiders Say Yes With Over $3M

| August 25, 2022

“Is it good to invest in penny stocks?”

Everyone’s experience with cheap stocks will yield different answers. But if you ask someone who’s consistently traded and made money with stocks under $5, they’ll tell you the answer is “Yes…but.” Here are some of the answers you will find:

  1. Yes, but you need a plan.
  2. Yes, but you need to do your research.
  3. Yes, but you need a trading strategy.
  4. Yes, but you must first know how to trade penny stocks.
  5. Yes, but you need to know how to handle risk & volatility.

The overall goal is to make money with cheap stocks. Whether that happens in a day or over a year, when your profit targets are hit, it’s time to act on your game plan. That can happen much more quickly with penny stocks than with higher-priced stocks.

In this article, we’re not only going to be looking at cheap stocks. This article focuses on the best penny stocks to buy now, according to company insiders. Altogether, these insiders and large shareholders purchased millions of dollars worth of these penny stocks during August. Once you see who’s buying and what’s happening with these companies in the stock market today, you can decide if they’re suitable for your watch list or not.

Penny Stocks To Watch

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