Hot Penny Stocks Today Look At ONTY, PBMD, PANL

| May 21, 2015

Big MoversToday’s Hot Penny Stocks… ONTY, PBMD, PANL – What’s Going On? 

I told you I’d do it.

A few days ago I posted an epic article about hot penny stocks that show up in the markets.

I shared with you why to keep watch… I told you what makes them hot… I even shared how to find them.

But instead of making you do the work, let me do it for you – that’s what they pay me for after all!

Let me highlight a few hot penny stocks… then share a hot penny stock list I put together.

Just keep in mind, all of this information I’m finding is in May of 2015… so if you’re reading this down the road, search the site for more recent updates or do your own research!

Now, let’s look at what I’ve uncovered…

One Hot Penny Stock Today – Oncothyreon $ONTY

Ok, the first hot penny stock to jump out at me is Oncothyreon…

To be honest, whoever named this company should be shot… I can’t pronounce that goblyegook of letters… so I’m just going to call them ONTY…

ONTY is looking like a Hot Penny stock right now due to great news.

Just look at the chart.  That’s a huge gain of over 71% in just a few days.

Hot Penny Stocks Today chart of ONTY

Like I said, the company has been getting some good press.  You see, management is presenting at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting in a few days.

Our friends at ONTY are presenting and investors are assuming they’ll have good news to announce.

Shareholders should keep their fingers crossed!

This is a hot penny stock to watch for certain… great news and the stock could rocket higher.

So, what else is moving this week…

A Second Hot Penny Stock Today – Prima BioMed $PBMD

Another Biotech stock, hot off the presses…

Hot Penny Stocks Today chart of PBMD

Look at that penny stock price jump

Biotech stocks can be the hottest penny stocks in the market… to drive them higher, you just need news or rumors.

In the case of Prima BioMed, it was outstanding news skyrocketing this penny stock.

Straight from the wire:

“Prima Biomed announces that the final CVac data from the Phase II CAN-003 ovarian cancer clinical trial has shown a trend for a clinically meaningful improvement in Overall Survival over standard of care in second remission patients.”

In other words, Phase 2 data shows the drug they are testing works.

That’s why the stock is up… could it go higher?  Possibly…

The company is now on the radar for having a successful drug.  They could be the target of a buyout by a larger firm… or might have more good news to come.  They did just lock down a Japanese partnership and a significant investment.  But be warned, there’s still a long way to go to get through phase 3 trials.

And that brings us to the next company to catch my eye…

The Third Hot Penny Stock Today – Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. $PANL

Ok, enough of the Biotech plays… here’s a stock in a normal industry – Shipping.

Headquartered out of good old Rhode Island, Pangaea Logistics is a dry bulk shipper whose stock spiked in the last few days.

Hot Penny Stocks Today chart of PANL

This company’s story is all about the numbers.

They just announced earnings… and results were strong.

Bottom line, management pushed net income higher by 15%… Cash flows climbed by 7% and they’re seeing more “voyage days” being booked.

Best of all, they just took delivery of two new ships adding to their stables.

Clearly a strong improvement in the global economy is helping shipping stocks in general… and PANL specifically.

Now, there are other hot penny stocks making moves…

Here’s A Hot Penny Stock List 

Here’s a quick list of 10 hot penny stocks to keep an eye on:

  • Uranium Energy $UEC
  • Golden Star Resources $GSS
  • CHC Group $HELI
  • Natuzzi $NTZ
  • Blue Earth $BBLU
  • Banro $BAA
  • eMagin $EMAN
  • S. Auto Parts Network $PRTS
  • LoJack $LOJN

So there you have a list of 10 hot penny stocks today.  Remember to do your research and study these stocks and their businesses before putting your chips on the table!

If you own any of these stocks… let me know.  Leave your comments on the blog or shoot me an email.

Good trading…

Brian Kent

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