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Markets Soar As Media Noise Goes By

That loud pitched noise is not a frightening scream from Halloween, but rather what you are likely hearing is the deafening noise coming from Washington D.C or cries from concerned Americans watching senseless acts of terrorism. Thanks to the explosion of real-time social media and smart phones, coupled with the divisive politics and depressing headlines […]


Bitcoin Trade: How Does It Work?

Bitcoin has become one of the most popular digital currencies in the virtual world. It is a global currency that has gained popularity around the world. Bitcoin, just like other currencies, is exchanged every day in the market. There are various ways that investors use Bitcoin trade to make profits. However, investors rushed into the […]

Seafloor Mineral Exploration: The New Gold Rush

Seafloor Mineral Exploration: The New Gold Rush

Managing Editor’s Note: We’re just days away from the start of this year’s Irrational Economic Summit in Nashville. Mark Gordon, CEO and President of the marine exploration company Odyssey will be speaking on Friday, October 13, at 11:10 a.m. Today, we give you a sneak preview. Enjoy. By Mark Gordon, Odyssey CEO and President: In the […]

Passenger Drone Launches Two-Seater Electric Manned Aircraft

Passenger Drone Launches Two-Seater Electric Manned Aircraft

Passenger Drone, is proud to announce the launch of the world’s most advanced, state-of-the-art, autonomous manned aerial vehicle. Slightly larger than a small car, the industry leading, Passenger Drone has the potential to change the traditional means of commuter transportation. Utilizing its easy to use touch-screen, passengers simply select their destination, sit back and relax, […]


Here’s How You Can Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Assuming you want to.. how can you get involved investing in cryptocurrencies? In 2009, we witnessed the emergence of a first fully decentralized cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Fast forward it to 2017 and people are investing in cryptocurrencies of over 900 types and 215 assets. In these eight years, the entire cryptocurrency market cap has gone […]

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Dying Middle Class: The Number Of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled

Have you lost your spot in the middle class yet?  For years, I have been documenting all of the numbers that show that the middle class in America has been steadily shrinking, and we just got another one.  According to a report that was produced by researchers at Harvard University, the number of Americans that spend […]

New York Stock Exchange

“This Market Is Absolutely 100% Going To Crash”, You Sure About That?

Him: “This market is absolutely 100% gonna crash.” Me: “You sound so certain?” Him: “Just look at the valuations.” Me: “Pricey valuations don’t always culminate in a market crash. There are other factors to consider.” Him: “Trump trade is over, and I’m now 50% hedged on US exposure and net long EMs. Plus, the dollar is finished. […]


Investing In Disruption

The following is a summary of our recent FS Insider podcast, “Investing in Global Robotics – Interview With ROBO Global’s Bill Studebaker”…  Society Needs to Get Ready For investors looking to gain exposure to the fast-growing robotics industry, there are very few pure-play companies, says Bill Studebaker of ROBO Global (Nasdaq: ROBO). For that reason, […]

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

7 Earnings Losers To Pick Up Off The Floor

They may’ve whiffed on earnings, but the fundamental thesis remains Earnings season can be a blessing, a curse or an opportunity for investors to take advantage of drastic plunges and pick up beaten-up stocks at a cheaper prices. It’s not so easy, however, to tell the difference between a value and a money trap. More often […]


The Last Thing America Needs Is A Reignited War On Marijuana

The marijuana legalization movement has been holding its breath, waiting to see how President Donald Trump will address the issue. Public opinion and state law have leaned heavily in favor of decriminalizing the controversial cannabis plant over the last several years, signaling the inevitable downfall of the government’s war on drugs. However, as numerous state […]

10 Ways To Make Money In The Market In 2017

10 Ways To Make Money In The Market In 2017

We have a few winning stock picks for you, and we even have tax strategies that can net 33% ‘returns’! The year 2016 has been, for lack of better description, a strange one. It started with one of the worst Januarys in history and an oil price bust … continued with a surge of populist […]