5 Mental Habits That Make The Rich Richer

| March 28, 2019

financial advisorNever underestimate the power of the mind. A lot of successful people believe that your thoughts can influence the size of your bank account. Below are five mental strategies employed by rich people to make more money. You can try them and see if you can boost your income too.

1. They Treat Money Like A Game

To rich people money is nothing more than a game. They’re always calculating how to spend and invest. A lot of successful people don’t like losing, so they strive at all times to do better, learn more, do more, and grow.

An average earner might become stagnant career and money wise. You can’t really expect much from a person who goes to work every day just to go through the motions needed to get a paycheck, never really trying to accomplish more.

2. They Set Huge Goals

One thing rich people have in common is that they’re never afraid to aim high, no matter how unrealistic the goal may appear because they have the confidence to go after those goals.

Why are we so scared of setting huge goals? Is it that we don’t have confidence in ourselves? Or are we just satisfied with the little targets and expectations we know we can meet?

You should set big goals in every aspect of your life, regardless of how much they scare you. Learn to see these goals as a challenge. The probability of not meeting your goal will always exist, but what if we try and actually achieve it? You’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t try. By setting the bar high, you challenge yourself which helps you grow as a person.

For instance, if you set two separate financial goals for yourself this year, one to save up to $1,000, and the second to save $20,000, the two goals have a huge difference. Some might even say the second cannot be achieved. However, by setting the goal at $20,000, you will challenge yourself, and at the end of the day you might even surprise yourself. Even if you don’t hit the target, you can come close by hitting $15,000, and or even $10,000, which are all better than the low goal of saving just $1,000. Never be afraid to dream big and reach for the stars.

3. They Banish Every Trace Of Fear

A lot of dreams have been cut short because of fear. Rich people have succeeded in banishing every trace of fear in order to be able to take on smart risks.

There’s no successful person that does not have a list of things they’ve failed at, but the beauty is that their list of accomplishments are usually longer. When fear tries to creep up on you, just settle down and ask yourself this question, “What is the worst that can happen?” the worst thing that can happen is not always as bad as we fear.

4. They Feel As If Deserve All The Riches

Rich people feel entitled to their riches. They feel worthy of their wealth. On the other hand, the poor don’t particularly feel worthy of riches. They don’t see themselves as important or of any value.

This has to be more than just a lofty idea. Take a look at your current position at work and ask yourself if you’re replaceable. If your answer is in the affirmative, then you should find a way to become invaluable. If you’re invaluable to your company, then they’ll pay more to retain your services.

5. They Make Money Their Friend

Wealthy people recognize the power of money and how effective it is at solving problems or making their lives better. Low earners view money as their enemy. They work hard just to settle their bills, pay the bills to survive, and so the circle continues while they continue to live in misery.

Though money is not necessarily the source of all happiness, the smart ones know how to leverage it to make life easy for them.

These are not magic tricks. They’re just a means of reconstructing your brain to place better value on yourself and your work – by earning more and finding better ways to spend what you earn.

Note: This article originally appeared at I Am 1 Percent.


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