Sell These 5 Stocks On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

Sell These 5 Stocks On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

These stocks have serious red flags and are ticking time bombs in your portfolio. Several companies from our 2014 and 2015 watchlists are already bankrupt or very close, and the companies profiled this year are likely on the same track. Dump these losers immediately. Bankruptcies — no one likes to talk about them, but they’re […]

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Be Smarter Than the Smartest Investors

A couple times a year the biotech sector gives the retail investor the chance to look smarter than the “smart money” investor.  That is, the retail investor can pick up shares of a promising biotech company at a better price than what the institutional investor paid.  The institutional investor spent a lot of time and […]

Bear Market Refuge: The Best High-Yield Stock To Buy

Bear Market Refuge: The Best High-Yield Stock To Buy

Tim Plaehn details why this stock deserves a spot in every income investor’s stock portfolio. Just tuck it away and hold onto the company forever. Few things are more All-American than a V8 powered muscle car. When I research the market, I find a lot of 4-cylinder powered stocks, a few V6’s, and a lot […]


4 Undervalued Bargains To Buy In Biotech

Editor’s Note: This article discusses opportunities in the biotech space, which is often populated with small and micro cap stocks. Sporting their cheapest valuations since 2011 and superior long-term values over the rest of the market, now is the time to shop the bargain bin in biotech. See Bret Jensen’s top four picks to start […]


Tiny Biotech Stock Set To Go Higher With Cure For Something Other Than Cancer

Traditionally, biotech investors are handsomely rewarded for owning shares of companies working on treatments for cancer, once approved by the FDA.  Yet there is one company poised to skyrocket on a drug that cures a non-cancerous ailment.  Sophiris Bio ($SPHS, $1.67) is knocking on the door of an effective treatment for enlarged prostate. Located in […]


Investing In Biotech For Yield

If the announcement by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates was not enough to get your heart racing again about collecting guaranteed income from a CD, consider investing in a biotech stock that generates income… and lots of it. Most investors look to biotech stocks for speculative and spectacular gains even if they are […]

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Penny Stocks To Watch For Big Profits

If you’re going to haul in big profits from your penny stocks, there’s one thing you always want on hand. A solid watch list. If you don’t have a lineup of penny stock suspects, stocks that deserve a closer look before you buy them, you won’t be as disciplined when you trade. You’ll be prone […]

Find More Of The Best Penny Stocks In 2016

Find More Of The Best Penny Stocks In 2016

Want to find more of the best penny stocks in 2016? Be very, very picky.  This is a time to be selective, to be demanding, and to ignore penny stocks where a lot of different things have to go right in order to make money. 2016 will be a year when you can expect things […]

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Is This A Smart Penny Stock To Buy?

It all comes down to one question… Is this a smart penny stock to buy? You’ve done your homework.  You’ve narrowed down your choices.  You feel confident. But you’re about to put your money on the line and you’d like to be as certain as possible that you’re not going to regret your decision. If […]

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Find Hot Penny Stocks Playing By Your Own Rules

Looking for a few penny stock tips? Want to find the hottest penny stocks? Turn off the tunnel vision and look at the big trends that will impact the performance of the stock. How can you spot a trend? Sometimes a trend is impossible to ignore because it’s so obvious and hits so close to […]

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Oil Penny Stocks To Buy

Oil Penny Stocks To Buy As 2015 rapidly heads towards the exits, the financial news has shifted towards the plunging price of oil.  The somewhat surprisingly collapse of oil prices has given investors something to focus on besides the Fed and interest rates. Is cheap oil a good thing or a bad thing?  It’s actually […]