Penny Stock Analysts

Robert Morris, Chief Investment Strategist

Robert MorrisRobert Morris is the editor of Penny Stock All-Stars, an investment advisory focused on discovering small-cap and micro-cap stocks that are destined to become the market’s next Blue Chips.

As he often likes to say…

“A small, fundamentally sound company with big growth potential and an undervalued stock price is where fortunes are made.”

Using his proprietary stock selection method, Robert helps investors get the inside track on tiny companies with potential to become the next Apple, Exxon Mobil, or Johnson & Johnson… just to name a few.

But that’s not all…

The Wall Street veteran and small-cap stock specialist is also a regular contributor to Penny Stock Research.  Every week, Robert shares his thoughts with our readers on a variety of penny stock-related topics.

He even offers up specific penny stock trading ideas and helps readers steer clear of penny stock scams.

Before partnering with Penny Stock Research, Robert worked for several prestigious Wall Street firms, including Salomon Smith Barney, UBS, and Charles Schwab.  During his years on the Street, he developed the skills and experience he uses today to uncover winning penny stocks.

And what’s more, Robert’s background is not limited to just the financial services industry.   In his prior life, Robert was an attorney for small businesses in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This experience provides him with a unique perspective that gives him an edge in discovering quality companies in various industries.

In addition to Penny Stock Research, Robert also writes frequently for another free financial e-letter, the Dynamic Wealth Report.  He’s also the editor of the highly successful and popular investment advisory, Biotech SuperTrader.


Brian Walker, Penny Stock Analyst

Brian Walker, Penny Stock AnalystBrian joins the Penny Stock Research team as a seasoned independent trader and financial analyst.  Brian graduated with a B.S. from the University of North Florida and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With a background in economics and statistics, he has a keen ability to uncover profitable and growth-focused companies.  He has years of real life know-how in analyzing fundamental and technical data that gives him an edge drilling down on companies and financial results.

With over 15 years trading experience, Brian has become an expert in the ever-changing equities markets.  Today, he scours the markets hunting for penny stocks that offer low risk and high reward.


Brad Hartung, Penny Stock Research Contributor

Brad Hartung writes a blog called the Small Cap Pirate where he highlights biotech and mining stocks that he thinks are headed higher and offers some insight into speculating in small cap companies.  Soon he will be launching a subscription newsletter, The Left Coast Speculator, for people who want to invest in clinical stage biotech and junior mining companies.

After serving in the US Navy as a helicopter pilot, he entered the financial services industry as a retail stockbroker in October 1999 for what he describes as, “the easiest three months in any stockbroker’s career.”  Even after the and Y2K busts, he managed to grow his clients’ account but quickly learned that brokerage research reports and analyst ratings were completely useless.  He began a journey to discover the most reliable method for finding stocks that were about to have a huge increase in value.  This mission included stops at a couple brokerage firms, many late night conversations with veteran traders, and even a stint as an intern at a foreign currency hedge fund.

He finally uncovered the strategy to identify high growth stocks and now you can read about his most recent stock highlights at